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Having A Conversation

If you happen to be reading this at this very moment you must agree or admit that we live in a very interesting times. If you think you have heard or have seen it all then, I am here to tell you that very soon after you have formed that opinion, something new will pop up, that will amaze and surprise you. People as always, are very interesting, will do things that would have you asking yourself this very familiar question, Why? Why man or why girl? Don't you know that you are only hurting yourself and the world really doesn't give a dam? You might thing its cute or fell that its okay, but if you keep this up, then you are only tearing yourself apart while the rest of the world is talking about you behind your back or using your failures as a form of their entertainment. But hey don't get mad at me because we are just Having A Conversation!

  I know you might say to yourself Chuck, why don't you mind your own business, but I can't help it when people do stupid or s…

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