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Of all the many things I could give my mother credit, for is that she made sure that myself, my brothers and sisters knew who or where we came from. She made sure we paid, often visits to my great grandparents, grandparents and anyone who happen to be kin or related to us. It was a family tradition to visit ,my grandmother every Sunday. Her house was the meeting place for the whole Holmes family, it was also where each of us got a chance mingle, eat good food, get to know the new and old members of the family. When my great grandmother, the queen (smile) arrived, for some strange reason, she would always call me first. She would say," Chuck, come over here and give your great grand a kiss". Have you ever had or heard of a love hate relationship? Well I had a love, very scared relationship, with my great grandmother. Not because she would harm me, because I knew that she would put her teeth into a glass of water, before she kissed me. She would take them out reach out to me …

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