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The Truth Shall Come To Light

Its a known fact that even though man has been on the planet more than 200 thousand years and there are still parts of the world, that are unknown or unexplored. Yes, even though we are more advance in every-way possible, there are lots of things we still don't know or haven't learn  about this green and blue planet called Earth. Crazy as this may sound or seem we don't even know it all when it comes to our own kind the human race. Men don't know enough when it comes to women and the same can be said about women.  It makes one want to ask, "Are men really from Mars and women from Venus?" Because after sharing all this time together on Earth, both sexes are now even, further apart from each other than ever. With so many different types of relationships or marriages these days, it can get really confusing. There are no real normal relationship or marriage these days and its seems that most are now very complicated. What's strange is that most of people who…

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