Do Good People Really Finish Last?

If you ever been in the dating world, I know that you have heard this expression," Good men or women always finish last". When I got old enough to date or marry, I would often question this statement. I used to believe( because I was taught as a child), that if you treat people well they will in turn give you the same way. My mother used to always say to me, To treat people the, way you want too be treated. Or that, if I wanted respect, I have to give respect in return. When I became an adult I took her words to heart. Even though I could have been like the rest of the world, I instead dared to be different. When I would hear men or women say, that there are no good men or woman in the world, that statement would bother me. Because of my faith I always believed that God didn't stop creating good things or good people. I began to go on a mission and to become something  better than what was out in the world. I wanted to be that good man that a lot of women was missing, so I molded myself after my father and my mother .When I would talk to women who have been hurt by men, I would always question them. Why you may ask? Well that way if God happen to bless me with a good woman, I would not make the same mistakes as those previous men that hurt their women. I didn't want to be put  in that same category as those bad men and I also wanted to be known as one of the good guys. I figured that if I did almost everything right, that God would one day bless me with a good woman.

Now back into reality or the real world, where I have discovered that good men or women are having a hard time getting into the right relationships. I also discovered that there are a lot of good people that are in bad marriages or relationships that being mistreated by their spouses or mates. Whatever  good they may do, the worse they are being treated. In today's world if a man or woman is being good, then they are being abused, cheated on, unloved or disrespected by their mates. I also have discovered that bad men or women are the getting or receiving the treatment that both good men or good women crave.

It makes one wonder what does it take to get the right man or woman in their lives? That is why I wrote this, because I have some questions to ask both the men or the women. Do good people really finish last? Why is it when a man or woman get blessed with someone good they mistreat them? Why do both men or women love those who cheat, lie or deceive? Why ask or pray to God for a good person if you know you are not going to do right? Why get into a committed relationship, when you know in your heart that you are not the committed type? To the men or women that are reading this," Why get into a relationship pretending to be something you are not"? Isn't better to tell the truth than a lie? Also to the men or women that are still in bad, unfaithful and destructive relationships. I have this question to ask you. If your man or woman is so bad, so unworthy and not the man or woman that you want or desire. Why won't you leave them? Why are you still in the relationship? Don't you know or aren't you old enough know that arguing, fussing or complaining won't solve any of your problems? Really? I'm done and I have now got this off my chest. But before I go I have two more questions to ask," Do men or women really want a good spouse or mate? Or are they only pretending or playing games with someone's heart? Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Until then have a great week,


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