Does it really feel like Christmas?

As I think back on my childhood memories, I remember how me, my brothers or sisters really looked forward too Christmas. Back in those days Christmas was about spending time with family, eating good food, seeing long lost relatives, catching up on old times and opening up those gifts, that we prayed for or asked Santa to bring us. And what is Christmas without, that big fat man in that red suit ,with a white beard or a house with Christmas lights or decorations all over it? Back in my past we all looked forward to looking at television, so that we could watch our favorite Christmas programs,cartoons or sneaking a peak under that decorated tree so that we could guess what Santa has brought us on Christmas day. My brothers, sisters and I  would make sure Santa had cookies waiting for him, if he came down the chimney.  I remember my mother explaining to me the real reason for Christmas and why we celebrate this very special day. I can hear her now when she would say," Jesus is the reason for the seasons. Kings of Kings she would say, this was the day Christ was born. When you look at that star that's resting on top of our tree, always remember that back then God our Father in Heaven used it as sign showing that Christ was born. Christmas my children isn't about receiving gifts, its about giving. That's what three wise men did thousand of years ago, by presenting gifts to Joseph and Mary for the newly born King Jesus.

 As I think about that last statement, all I can say is , Wow! Christmas back in my day was very special and a day we all looked forward too it. Back in those days, the month of December was the best month of the year, because it symbolized three very important facts. (1) It was the birth of Christ our Lord and Savior Jesus.(2) It was celebration of ending, then making it too a New Year .(3) As children or adults can reflect on a year that has now past. It makes me wonder, " What happen to Christmas? Why is the news media or others trying to take the real meaning of Christmas(Jesus) out of this very special holiday? The media now has gone so far that now its even taking the fun away from our children, by taking the fat man in that red suit called Santa out of Christmas? It makes some of us say, What's going on in the world today?Does it really feel like Christmas? Oh Yea, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! Write in and give me you thoughts or opinions.
Until then have a wonderful and blessed holiday season,


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