Finished House?

Is there anyone else in the world that is  like me, that  hates change and doesn't like to move? My seventeen year old son decided that it was time that he moved on with his life. He felt that even though, he hasn't really accomplished a lot in school it was time to go in another direction. I been raising him now for seven years and now that his mother  has her act together, he wants too move back in with her. I guess he figured that good old dad was too hard or strict too live with.
Now I have to find another place to live, because I have no need for a  three bedroom apartment. I now have to contact some movers, find a new place too live and get new cable service. The people at DIRECTstarTV seem to be more friendlier than the rest. Believe me I tried them all and none of them have the costumer service that DIRECTstarTV has. I really hate to move but its just another part of life and life  does go on. Our children as much as we love them they  do grow up, then become adults and are now capable of making their own decsions.
Now that I am all alone and free to move on with my life it feels  kind of exciting. I now free to explore the world without restrictions. I can now date, party and have fun doing things that I couldn't do before  while raising my children. I can get that new television now(Because I now can afford it) and put DIRECTstarTV on it. But now that my son is gone, it doesn't quite feel like a home or a finished house. So my question for today is, how do you move on with your life, now that your children are now grown and moved away? What type of advice could you offer me or others cope with being without your children? Please write in and leave your comments.
Until then have a great day and a wonderful holiday season,


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