Gas Prices Food Prices, How High Can They Go?

If you done any shopping lately for both food or gas, lately then it will amaze you how high the prices for both these items have become. But whats amazing to me is that when something strange happens in another country, like bad news or war, both gas or food prices go up. It seems like somebody is getting rich, because everyday the price of gas or food  keeps going up and up. At the same time oil companies are getting rich, off of average Americans backs.Their stocks keep going up and our pockets keep getting emptied.When you ask a politician for an answer, the Republicans say drill and the Democrats say green energy. Hey, I don't care ! Just do something to bring those prices down! After all you guys are rich and don't have to worry about feeding your families.
That is why I know that the men or women that were elected in office are out of touch. Most of them are rich and don't have to worry about the price of food or gas. Because if they had a chance to live like the rest of Americans, then they would know that its hard out there. Most politicians fight over the size of government and others fight for health care. But to me the real fight is the price of food, gas and providing Americans with real jobs. These things are very essential to the American public survival . Hey, Washington I hope you are this reading, because Americans are sick and tired of theses high food or gas prices. So stop your bickering then start working together and solve this problem. Because if you don't real Americans, you know the 99%, will vote your butt right out of office.
Write in and give me your opinion on the subject.
Until then have a great day,


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