I can't sleep without or be without my cell phone?

Have you noticed the latest craze, going around America or the rest of the world? The  I pad or the cell phone? Everywhere you look people are walking around or talking on their cell phones or glancing at their I-Pads. They go to the mall with them, to the movies with them and even some go to the bathroom with their phones. Most people in the world today would feel lost without their cell phones and can't do without them . Everywhere you look, there are children with them, parents with them and even babies with them. Wow! What a sight babies teething with those expensive cell phones. Its like cell phones are taking over the world or invasion of the cell phone. Hmmm that seem like the next  title to up coming feature film. Cell phone use has gotten so far out of hand that, I  have even seen a policeman texting someone while writing a person a speeding ticket. What's up with that? Does he have to text the guy he is writing a ticket too tell him, how fast he was driving? No place seems to be safe or sacred when it comes to talking or texting on the cell phone. Even while sitting in church I noticed a couple of people texting each other during service. Some had the nerve to leave then go outside of the church to answer the call. It made me wonder to myself, who could be calling them? Did God himself call them or text them during service? Wow! If he did it must have been a very important call. Talk about divine intervention!
The cell phone has become so much a part of our lives that I even heard a woman express love for her cell phone. Her words exactly were," I love my phone and my phone loves me". I said to myself, Wow! What's next? Will she cheat on her spouse with her cell phone? Is she having an affair with her phone? Hmmm , her phone as her love toy, what kind of a freak is she?A cell phone freak! What's next a song dedicated to a cell phone. I'm in love with a cell phone. I know some of you may laugh, but a co- workers of mine told me about a video of a couple making love while each of them were holding their cell phones in their hands. They were texting each other sweet nothings and text their feelings or emotions through their phones. What a way to reach out and touch somebody! Talking about taking sex to the next level! Now people are taking their phones to their bedrooms, what's next?
Many people go to work or to bed with their cell phones. I heard a couple complain that even during family breakfast or dinner that all of the family members were on their phones. I heard them complain and say, No one would look up at each other, because they were either texting or talking on their phones. What happen too our family time? One of them complained. Then she would say, I hate those phones because they are coming between me and my family? Wow, first love and now hate for the cell phone ! Maybe next the cell phone will be fighting for cell phone rights or people may become politically motivated to protect cell phone rights. Maybe that should be a topic to discuss during the next political debate, should we or could we do without our cell phones. The question I have for you is, Are you so in love or addicted to your phone or smart devices  to the point that you can't live without your them? Is texting or typing your main source of communication, even when it comes to your love ones, such as your mother, father, brother, sisters or friends? I know some of you are so in love with or hooked on your cell phone or smart devices that you are probably reading this blog with one now. Its cool, just text me or type in using your I-pad or cell phone for your response to this blog .(smile)
Until then have a great day,


Brenda said…
When it comes to a cell phone some people figure that they can not live without it, during school this semester my professor would be lecturing while some students were not paying attention because they were texting in class, I have even been in Church when the preacher cell phone would go off and he would answer it, where they do this at? in fact I was shocked to even see this because I learned while you are in Church you should only be their to praise the Lord not your cell phone, I attend Church every Sunday and I make sure my cell phone and my daughters cell phones is turned off, because they are not important when it comes to serving the Lord, for one your cell phone can not save you are help you get into Heaven. I do not feel that my cell phone is important and I can do without it, the only reason I purchased my cell phone is because of my daughters being involved in activities while in school and for emergency reasons, besides that I have no need for a cell phone. People need to know that cell phones are not that important, when it comes to driving they are a distraction and are very dangerous to be on them which can cause you too losing your life or taking someone's else life.
princes griffin said…
my daughter needs to read this!!

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