In Love Or Loving Someone ,Whats The Difference?

Two days ago I bumped into a friend of mine at a local Walmart and I asked her how did it feel to be a married woman ?After all she had a big beautiful wedding, seven bride maids, seven groomsmen, a ring barrier, flower girl and had a wedding that even some stars would envy. She was newly wed, had a huge wedding, been married for about four months, with a very large diamond ring on her finger and I wanted to know how it was progressing. Then she expressed to me that she was unhappy and that her marriage wasn't what she expected.Then she begin to explain too me that, the love she once felt or shared for her husband has left the marriage( Which was amazing to me because she was only married for four months).She said ,"Don't get me wrong I love my husband and he is a very good man, but I am not in love with him". What she said through me for a loop and had me confused. Because, I didn't know there was a difference when it came to loving someone or being in love. Then she explained, that I love him like a brother or a son and not the way a wife should love her husband. By the look that  I gave, her she knew that, I was confused and didn't agree with her statement . She said "Chuck, you are just a man and so you just wouldn't understand". Then she said something even more confusing, by saying you can be in love with someone and not really love them. Then I said to her, Really?(Sarcastically) I didn't  know that there was a difference or that men felt different about love them women. Then I said to her with a smile then said," In Love or Loving Someone What's The Difference? I  thought when it came to love or loving someone that same feeling applies to both, the male and female. Now I can see why some men including myself have so many problems with women!

 Today's question is, Is there really a difference between loving someone or being in love? Or do men or women really love each other differently? Is there a difference between physical or sexual love and loving someone mentally? Can you only desire them only physically, but at the same time be mentally be on a different page? If this is true can love only exist in the bedroom or does love really exist between the ears or legs? Why can't men or women get alone? Can one person really love more than one, two or three people at a time? I have heard many men or women say, I love this about them,but I don't love this about them. Question ladies can you love a man only for his money or for what he can do for you in the bedroom? Women in your opinions does a man look weak in your eyes if he gives you everything you need, without a fuss, fight or any resistance? I was always taught that when it came to loving someone, that you should love them completely and to me that means giving from the heart. Why is it in today's time that men or women always try to separate the word love? Isn't this the main reason why there are so many divorces or separations ?I have heard many women say I love him, but not like a girlfriend or wife is suppose to love him. You mean to tell me that you could be living with him, married to him for years, but don't love him like a woman is suppose to? If so what's the difference, in real love, lustful love, material love, sexual love or just plain love. In Love Or Loving Someone, What's The Difference? Write in , then share your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Until then have a great day!


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