Is it A Man Thing Or A Woman Thing?

Back in the old days life was so simple men would open doors for the ladies and women would smile then say, "Thank You". In those day both men and women knew their roles they really appreciated, then respected each other.They didn't have any problem with it because it worked and had been that way , long before any of them were born. Today I find myself wondering what happen to simple dating, romance, marrying and then being with your high school sweetheart until death due you part? Now the Internet and social media has complicated and confused dating or marriages. No one these days want to stay with their partners or lovers for a lifetime and no one really wants to work at it, to make it work or keep it together. There is no more for better or worse until death due us part and no one want to look, then find their soul-mate or true love. Today there are only breakups, multiple marriages and divorce. Sex is easy instead of being sacred and babies daddy's or momma's are now a dime a dozen. Thinking about this really makes me miss the good old days, you know when families would meet at grandmothers house on Sundays or when all children really knew who were their real fathers or mothers? I remember passing love notes in class to the girl I had a crush on through friends, talking on the phone to my high school girlfriend until midnight and slow dancing to my favorite love song at a friends house party. Talking to her for months and even a year before I was allowed to date or meet her parents. I wounder what happen to the good old days and why have things change so much, not for the better but for the worse?

When I was a child I remember my father getting home from a hard days of work, my mother would have his meal prepared for him. Then she would bring it too him after he sat down in his favorite chair. My father used to eat before the children ate. I remember asking my mother this question," Mom why do we, always have to wait until our father eats"? I am hungry, so why must I wait? Then she gave me a look, that if looks could kill I would be dead. Before she beat my @##$$%%$ , she answered me by saying, because your father is the head of the house and he is the bread winner. I remembered when my father sat down and watched a sporting event, it was understood that was a man thing. My father also had deep respect for my mother, he stayed out of the kitchen and when it came to raising the children he always let my mother have her way. Back then women understood that men , manicured the yard, put out the trash, loved their sports, enjoyed hunting ,or fishing and when it came to making the money or paying the bills it was understood that the man was the bread winner. Now in today's time both men or women roles are very different and in many cases reversed. Now women expect men to be sensitive, to get in touch with their feminine side and now in many households women are now the only ones working or the bread winners . As far as the women are concern some men expect their women to know their sports, be the head of the house, become the bread winner and to be hard when a crises arrives. Funny because back in my day men were suppose to be the strong ones and the women were suppose to be there only for support. Now I am totally I'm confused now, because there are some who feel that men should act like women and women should act like men? Really? I thought being a gentleman, hard, strong, ruff, the protector, showing growing boys how to be men and being manly should be a man thing. Being sensitive, loving, caring, good with the kids, teaching little girls how to be young women, being pretty, sexy or fine and solving problems that no man could hope to understand was a woman thing? Its a wonder men and women are having a hard time finding each other these days, because both are now having an identity crisis. How could anyone these days know whats a real man or woman when they never really seen one or even knows what one looks like? Tell me Is It A Man Thing Or A woman Thing?  Write in and express your thoughts or opinions.
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