Pastors, Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes, Jets and Planes?

If you been to church lately there are many things that may come to mind besides going to church or hearing the word. Well if you are like me,then you can't help but too be curious and very observant. One of the things that I have been very curious about is the way that most of our Pastors or Ministers ask for money. It is known that in the Bible the word says that every member or child of God should give ten percent back to the Lord. But what's funny too me is that the Pastors themselves ask for money from their members for themselves or for  their own purposes.I don't have a problem with Pastors or Priest making money. But what I do have a problem with, is when its members are poor and the Pastors are the ones being enriched by its members. I feel that there is nothing wrong with making a living. But when your members are poor and in need the help from the church, then its the Pastors or Priest job or duty to do so. The question is don't any of you Pastors, Preachers or Priest realize that many of your members are poor or suffering?Do any of you even care or realize that while it may be fine to take money, its also better to give than to receive?

During this Christmas or Easter holiday season, I would like to remind the men or women of God, where Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior was born. He was born in a manger or in a barn where horses or cows slept. Also when Jesus Christ preached and taught the word of God he did it outside of the church. He didn't need or seek , some grand palace or church to get his point across. Nor did he seek money, fame or riches. The reason Jesus didn't seek money fame or riches, is because what he had in Heaven was beyond what any man or woman could conceive.( John 14:2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.) When I attend church it kind of baffles me when I drive up, all I see is Cadillac's, Lexus, Mercedes and Benz or when I hear of a certain Preacher asking his congregation for money to help him by a Airplane.

Someone tell me why, isn't there a collection plate taken up to help the poor or the needy ? Why won't they preach on the streets to stop all the senseless killing? Why is there even in church a gap between the rich and the poor or why do the poor sit in the back of the church and while the rich sit in the front? Why are many church members poor, while their Pastors or Priest are getting rich or filling their pockets? Why aren't our Pastors or Priest out there in the world healing or feeding Gods people, saving souls and helping the needy or the poor? Jesus did so why won't they follow his example? Haven't even they forgotten the real reason for preaching Gods word is to lead them to Gods only son  Jesus Christ? What's up with those big old chairs laced in gold that I see or observe the Pastor or Priest sitting in every Sunday? Are they trying too make a statement sitting in big chairs trying to be Kings Or Queens when the real King resides in Heaven? Pastor's, Cadillac's , Lexus , Mercedes, Jets and Planes? Church is suppose to be the business of saving souls, not for saving for the next big church, Cadillac, Lexus or Mercedes Benz. Write in and tell me your feelings or views on this topic.
Have a great day,


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