The Saints and Tim Tebow

Well it looks like our Saints have won again. If you watched the game, you would think that somebody wanted the Saints too loose. That touchdown catch from Jimmy Graham, that was called back , was cleary a catch. Come one ! Even a child or a blind man ,could see that both of Grahams feet were clearly in bound. Now far as Tim Tebow , if you don't believe there is a God, then you haven't watched the Denver Broncos. Again and again they come back in the fourth quarter , then win the game. This guy has been doing this since high school. It just shows when man doubts you and when the world doesn't believe in you. All things are truly possible if you have the faith and believe in God. Tim's team and fans believe in him. Now its time that the rest of the world does so too. What a day for sports! The National Football league is clearly a notch above all the others. Somebody tell a brother, why do we continue to judge people, when only God knows their true potential? Write in and give me your thoughts on the subject.
Until then have a wonderful Sunday,
Dec 111234T
Next game: @ Minnesota Vikings, Dec 18 1:00pm ET

Tim Tebow

Regular Season 87.9105410
Career 85.9170815


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