What will you remember most about (2013)?

As I reflect on a year gone, I have had some good memories and some bad ones. The older I get the more I learn, but what surprises me the most is that I can be surprised or amazed. You would think at my age forty seven that nothing would shock or amaze me. But everyday, when I look at the news, read the paper or when I am in conversations with friends or family, there is always something that will shock and amaze me. What did I learn from the year of 2013? I learned that you can't take anything for granted. Even though some of us may think our family members or love ones are indestructible or may live forever. One fact will always remain, with every life there will be a death and no one knows the day or the hour when they shall depart from this Earth. I also learned that there is a thing called," Once and a lifetime opportunity". Which means if you happen to have the chance or opportunity to get a dream job, fall in love with the man or woman of your dreams or if you happen to get blessed with an opportunity to own your own business. Then you should go all out and like my son would say," Get what's yours". Life has those small windows of opportunity that each of us has a chance to take advantage of. Once its gone it gone forever and one may never have that chance or opportunity again.I learned that when you love someone, family or friends you should never miss an opportunity to express your love for them or to tell them how much they mean to you. Because in a blink of and eye they could be taken away from you. 2013 full of hope, death, crime, fun, excitement, shock and awe. It was very mixed bag, when you thought you could get excited, is when something real tragic would happen. As sad as this may sound but it seems that people in the world are getting worse or they are becoming heartless. That's why I know its so important to embrace love and happiness. To take more chances and to also enjoy as much of life as you can. Just because most of us are blessed enough too make it another year(2014), when so many didn't. Doesn't mean either of us will be afforded with that same blessing the next year. What will I remember most or miss in 2013? I will always regret not telling my late grandmother that I loved her and cherished her while she was living. Write in and tell the world what you think about 2013.
Until then have a Happy New Year,


Brenda said…
I will remember the things that I tried to accomplish was ruined by someone else, but 2012 is my time to shine, this year will be different, Im in control of my life, in JESUS name!!!!!!!!!!!!

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