Its Too Late


Isn't funny after you break up with someone or get a divorce the people you were involved with always want to come back too you? I often wonder to myself why many of my ex-girlfriends seem to want to come back to me, but when they had me they didn't want anything to do with me. I had many of them say while I was dating them that I was too nice, to sweet, to soft, to short, not big enough or not hard enough and too understanding to be with them. I have even had some women tell me that they wouldn't date, a man that raises his own children or one that attends church. Sometimes it seems that good men or women are always the ones to finish last.What makes me laugh is when I think about what my ex -girlfriend would say," I need a man that will thug me"? Thug me what's up with that? That made me ask her this question, didn't you know I wasn't a thug or that type of man when you met me? Or did you think I might change into one right after we start dating?And did you think all of the sudden that I would grow a little taller or turn into that man you dreamed of?

 Many of them went on their way to date someone new or to someone who seem to be a better man. Some would leave because the man they just met had a nicer car, was taller, more muscular or had a better job. I guess they figured if the man made more money then they could profit out of it. What ever reason they had to leave or to try someone new was okay, with me. Because I was once told by my late grandmother, "That its not where you start that makes the difference, but where you end up" . Besides that I was confident and had a big heart, I knew I was a good man.What through me for a loop is when I heard one of my ex girlfriends brag about the man she just met saying these words," Girl my man has big hands and big feet you know what that means! Ladies tell me whats the big deal about having a man with big hands or big feet? Does that really attract you?

I laugh about what happen to me in my past now , because now things are so much different today then it was in my past. Now my life is headed in a new direction, with a purpose and many blessings on the horizon. Its funny how some people are always drawn to people that become successful or to those who are about to achieve happiness. What they don't realize is that before a man or woman becomes successful there is hard work involved or like my friend would put it, "The grind". For those who don't understand what the grind means, let me explain. The grind means, first trying to figure out what direction or path you want to head into. Some of us may attend school and while others may be working on a plan or a process to make it happen. Sometimes these plans or ideals take months or even years to achieve. As you know most men or women are impatient and can't wait. Instead they do the worldly thing and then go for the quick fix. Some men or women are attracted to those have athletic careers and while others to those who commit crimes for a living. Then some women go after men with the nice cars or married men and then some men go after the women with the successful careers without giving the person they are with the benefit of the doubt. Like my great-grandmother would always say, every ideal or dream is just a seed that is planted. That will continue to grow waiting to be, harvested or blossomed and when it happens its beautiful then the dream or prayer is realized. Its funny that is when the people who didn't want you or the people that didn't think you were worthy of their time come back around. To those people I have this question to ask you, Where were you when I needed you and why didn't you support me? What happen to the person you left me for? Or why didn't that work out?If you would have been a little bit more patient, maybe things could have worked out between us. To those out there that are feeling my pain, I understand and I can relate. Just do as I do now when I am being pursued by an ex - girlfriend and say ,I'm good, but I'm sorry and Its Too Late. Write in and tell others about your real life experiences.
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Anonymous said…
I defintely can relate, and I will apply the same mutual feelings. I could not agree with you more, what is it that he may see in me now, that he did not realize about me when we were together. It makes me think what my grandmother use to say, the grass is never green on the other side baby, or if you wasn't good for them then, you not good for them now. She even said baby don't waste you time on sometime that's not worth keeping. My mother always have told me you have great assets, let go and let God bring you someone who will appreciate your heart, and the qualities of you as the good woman you are. When my mother told me that, it brought tears to my eyes. I find this to be true, the only reason your old flame tries to enter back in your life is because everything started withering and the grass turned brown, or once they finally see the difference in you ant the person it dosen't measure up to your standards or how they were treated when they were with you. Sometimes people just hate to see you happy with someone else because they are miserable, or they hate to see you with someone else. I have my mind made up, I refuse to turn back the hands of time, and live in a box where it's dark and creepy. I refuse to let my past not aloud me to live and love hard. i have this new concept that I will apply with the man God send across my path. I want to understand his thoughts, how he communicates, what he wants, what he values, and what he needs to be happy and to be open to love.

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