Our American President

As I read, listen to all the negative comments about this current President, I question those who call themselves real Americans. As you criticize gloat and talk about this elected leader. Each of you should ask yourself these series of questions . Has any President before him have faced the obstacles' this one faced? Has any past Presidents face such large unemployment, two on going wars, a nation going into record debt or a nation divided?
This elected leader has to govern when people from within his own country question if he is really an American citizen, besides facing the obvious fact that those who question this fact are racists. I applaud this leader, because I know of known before him who wouldn't crumble under this intense pressure. America, is blessed to have a leader that's, smart, strong willed and patient. If one would read or researched the facts they would realize that this President inherited past  problems from the previous administration. His handling of the war, the economy, our national security and our nation should be commended. Three years, it hasn't been easy and anyone with common sense would realize that three years is enough time to clean up eight years of corruption. Yes , President Obama is our current President. For those who don't like his policies this is your time to exercise your right to vote. For those who support President Obama and want him reelected, please exercise your rights, please vote. (Especially the African Americans) This fight for his second term will be a hard fought battle. President Obama, needs your voices to be heard. Please join me author and writer of God Verses Man and Q&A with Chuck. Give your support, time and effort to make sure President Barack Obama is reelected.
Thank you and have a great day,


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