What Motivates You?

I know that everyday that God blesses me to open up my eyes, I wake up with a few simple motivations. One is to always keep my eyes open to new opportunities, to always remain focused or motivated. To always remember where I get my blessings from and to always remain humble. Never forget where I came from and to always thank those who helped me along the way. I know that I can't concern myself with things that I can't control. Like my father would say, One must always be aware of their surroundings. So I pick up the paper, look at the news, but I never allow myself to be dragged into the daily drama triangle. What is a drama triangle you may ask? The drama triangle, is where people gather around talk or gossip about the negative news or things that is going around in the world today. A lot of people love to talk about all the bad news and some of them even use the negative news as a reasons why they are not happy, haven't found love or successful. It would be simple or easy to get involved in those conversations or to be concerned with all the negative news in the world today. But that's being like everyone else and I refuse to be drawn in that type of world. After all I can only be me and I happen to be very comfortable in my own skin.

What I have learned from my own personal experiences and from what my parents have told me, is to never be concern or worry myself about things I can't or those that aren't in my control. Like my late grandmother would put it," Its wasted emotion or time and there is nothing you can do to change things or peoples perceptions of you". From those thoughts alone, I stay motivated expecting to be challenged or criticized everyday. I know that there are some people in the world that I can never please, while others doubt me. Then there are those who expect me to fail and even hate me just because of who I am. I don't expect to get the love or support from my friends or from even my own family members. Because even though I know that they are apart of me, I can never allow them to be the source or the fuel that motivates me. Why you may ask? Because that type of fuel runs out and it always comes with a cost. It reminds me a verses in the Bible Jeremiah 17:5 This is what the LORD says: "Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the LORD. Reading this verses keeps me motivated, knowing that each day that I am blessed to live, that its up to me and the big man in the sky to make it.

To those who are blessed enough to read this, I offer you some sound advice. Always keep yourself out of harms way or away from people who cause trouble. My father had a famous saying that I still use today," If you look for trouble then you will surely find it". He would say to me, Son don't invite drama, other peoples issues, troubles or problems into your world, because its always better to have peace in the place, where you call home. He would go on to say," Besides that there is enough of that in the world you venture out into everyday". I have taken his words to heart and always try my best, to avoid those who think or act negatively. I have learned from my past experiences, that if the people that are in your life are not good sources of positive motivation or if they happen to be negative about everything. Then they are not good or healthy for my own growth, peace of mind or security.

My advice to anyone who may read this is to find yourself something that motivates you and use it as your fuel. Find yourself a reason to keep on growing, improving and learning something new everyday. What motivates me? The answer to that question is quite simple; everyday, that God blesses me to open my eyes, I know that I haven't yet reached my dreams, goals, desires or fulfilled my purpose. I spend each day, enjoying life, working hard and looking for then creating new ideals or opportunities to make money. I wake up everyday, looking for ways to improve my current situation and to be better than I was yesterday. Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us and everyday is precious. The questions I have for those who may read this today. Are you happy just to being alive? Do you care about the life you are living? Are you willing to make the necessary changes to change for the better? If so what is your source? In other words, What Motivates You? Write in then give me your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Until then have a great day,


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