Why Do We Do It?


One of the most puzzling questions, that I still don't have an answer for, Is why is it that both men or women are only interested in you when you have someone else or if you are married? Why is it when you are broke , down on your luck, no one tries to help and when you are trying to get back on your feet,  no one seems to understand that this situation is only temporary? Its funny but when you are single no one wants to give you the time or day. But as soon as you find someone else new or as soon as you get married, then the phone starts to ring or that's when they suddenly start to care. What's strange about some people is, if they see you driving a nice car or if they happen to see you wearing nice clothes, smelling and looking good that's the only time you can get someone attention. But before that they weren't interested or you wasn't worth their time. They were too busy and at that time they wasn't ready for a relationship. It reminds me of an old rap song by Mike Jones( Back then you didn't want me, but now that I am hot you are all on me). It reminds me of my crazy Aunt, when she would say," Baby don't get disturbed by my words and think all woman are a like because of what I am about to say. I know baby you have heard me and other women say that all men are dogs, but there are times that some women act like dogs themselves. Every time a woman sees a good looking man with a good job or one that drives a nice car, they run behind him like a dog in heat and that's sad! My Aunt was very crazy and she didn't hold back anything . She spoke her mind and didn't care who was listening.

I remember when I was in High School a skinny kid, short , black, bowlegged, wore glasses and was a nerd, no one was interested . But now a hundred pounds heavier, muscular , a book coming out and now I am being noticed. What's up with that? What happen to them when I didn't have nothing going for myself or when I was down on my luck? Now I hear, you are still looking good, you haven't aged a bit, you are really doing good for yourself and boy I love that car you are driving. Sucker! That's not even my car it was a rental and I am a car salesman remember? Jokes on you!(smile) I just personally feel that if a man or a woman has to have a new car, a nice house or a good job to get a man or a woman then that's sad. Or like my son would say, Daddy that's whack! Its been my experience that when I seem to get someone in my life that I truly care about, is when some of my ex's come around. They seem to get turned on or get hot just off of the ideal of me having someone else. Some men or women just enjoy breaking up a marriages, relationships or a happy home. My question to both the men or the women is, "Why do we do it?" Why do we want people who are taken, off limits, married or those who belong to someone else? Why do some men or women only want something they can't have? What is it about a wedding ring that turns some men or women on? Does the thought of being with somebody else's man or woman make the relationship more exciting? Why do we get interested in people or start caring about them only after they have moved on? Or why do some men or women only want to come around when you have made it or have become successful? Why do some men or women feel that their ex-boy friends , ex-girlfriends, ex husbands, ex- wives , baby daddies or mothers still belong to them? Why are some are still in their ex's business? As a matter of fact why do they care? They didn't want to act right when they had them , so why are they all of the sudden starting to care now? What's amazing or funny to me is when everyone else in the world notice you or your true potential, only then that's when they become interested. I just want to know why? Why do we do it? Write in and give me your opinion on the subject. Tell me, Why Do We Do It?
Until then have a blessed night,


that is what I wanna Know
Anonymous said…
Charles your words speak volumes, that is why I pray about the man God is bringing into my life.
Anonymous said…
This is a very interesting concept. Hmmmmmmm, I'm still thinking I'll get back with you with an answer.

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