Express Yourself?

When I look at what's going on in the world today all I can say is ,Wow! It seems these days if you voice your honest opinion about a subject, then very soon after that you will be criticized. What happen to the good old days when a man or woman could express their honest opinions? Does anyone respect an honest man or woman these days? Why is it that now we all have to be politically correct?It seems today, peoples feelings get hurt to easily or they are too easily offended. Now today even in church our Pastors, Priest or Ministers have to be politically correct and can't express their views even on the Bible. Politically correct in church? Wow! If you can't be honest in church(The house of God) then where can you be?
 My personal opinion is that all of these groups are starting to get too powerful and they are making a huge impact on our country. Instead of having an open and honest discussion, people now are afraid to express their views or opinions openly. I know that there are some people that might take issue with what I just wrote and would say to me that we have to protect peoples rights. On that point I agree peoples rights should be defended. But I would also tell them and whoever happen to read this, is the will of the people or the majority should be protected also. Its a persons right to express themselves openly and a few groups shouldn't dictate what a person says or do.Who is going to defend the rights or voices of an honest man or woman? After all this is suppose to be a free country and if you can't express yourself in this country, somebody please tell me where you can? Express yourself in these days or times. Please! If you do the media or some special group will be lining up to attack you. Write in and if you dare express yourself on the subject.


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