Its Friday!!!


I remember not so long ago, how I used to look forward to the weekend. Being fresh out of my mother and fathers home it was exciting to me to be able to do the things that I wanted to do. I was free to be my own man and I didn't have to live by my parents rules anymore. As you know when you are being raised by your parents, they sometimes can be very restrictive. So when I got old enough I always dreamed of what I would do on my weekends. I did what most young men did at the age of twenty one, like going to the movies, a little clubbing, traveling , went too all of the parades', out to eat and anything that was fun. I would stay out all night and sometimes I wouldn't stop having fun until the morning. Those were the good old days, enjoying life without responsibility and being accountable to no one else but myself. I know that there may be some that may be asking, well if you enjoyed yourself so much then, well what happened and why did you stop having so much fun? The easy answer to that is, latter I had children, got married, then divorce and having children or getting married sometimes can slow you life down to a crawl. The reason behind this is now that you have children and married after that one must become more responsible. You also must now act like a mother or father and can't be that wild man or woman on the weekends. Those days of being irresponsible are now gone and now you have to plan your weekends around your children until they are grown.
But what happens when our children become grown ?And now that they are grown what do we do now? I am not twenty-one anymore , I feel out of the loop and now I don't know what to do with my new found freedom. This reminds me of some of my late grandmother sayings," If you don't use it then you will loose it ; You never to old to enjoy life and you should never stop living because your children are grown". I used to laugh at my late grandmother when she danced, because it was funny. Then she would smile at me and say," Chuck what are you laughing at"? Then I said, "Grandmother you are too old for dancing". Then she smiled back at me ,then said, "Baby nothing gets old but clothes and I can still beat you dancing". What I admired about my late grandmother is that she had a smile that would light up any room and she was always on the go. She traveled all over the country, went on cruises ,attended parties and never stopped having fun. As my late grand mother would put it, "Life can only be as enjoyable as you make it ,so get out and enjoy the beautiful world that God created, then continue having fun. Now its Friday time to take my late grandmothers advice and look forward to the weekends. Time to get groomed and the hair cut. Like I used to say then and say now, "Thank God its Friday!! Thats right Gods people, Its Friday! Time to get out and to have some fun!!
Have a blessed and enjoyable weekend,
P.S. There is no better time or place to have fun than New Orleans. For those who never been too Louisiana, you don't know what you have been missing. So if you have the time, come and see New Orleans.


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