My late grandmother had a saying that I never paid attention too until now," If you scratch my back, then I'll scratch yours". To all of my friends, co-workers or associates' around the world. I would like challenge each of you to get to know each of the people on your friends list and also find out what they do for a living. What's even more troublesome is that some of us don't even know what their neighbors' or family members do for a living. A lot of us seek knowledge from different sources, not knowing that the knowledge we seek maybe within our own back yards. If everybody knew what their friends did for a living or what they know , imagine what you could learn from them or what they could learn from you. Maybe their knowledge or expertise can help you save money, with your future purchases, give you knowledge on how to start a business or anything else you might be interested in. My mother had a saying that still sticks with me today," Its not what you know, but who you know that may aid in your future endeavors or successes". Imagine what new doors or opportunities that my be presented to you just buy knowing the people on your friends list or the people you see everyday. Knowledge or power is the key too all success . Imagine a world where we can learn about each other that may aid in each others future success. I am a car sales man and a writer. And you are? Write in and lets connect.
Until then have a great day,


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