A Shoe String Budget

If you are raising your children or even out on your own, I know by now you have realized that times are getting hard. Food prices are getting higher everyday and the price of gas just went up again. Its enough to drive a grown man or woman to tears. I am still amazed  at the prices of food and gas these days that it almost drives me insane. But what can you do right? We all have to eat and if you have a car you have to pay for the gas are you wouldn't be able to drive to work. Even if you catch the bus you have to scrap up enough coins or rob your children's piggy bank just to have enough to eat at work some days. What's funny too me is our children, maybe because they really don't seem to understand or care how much things cost these days. My 19 year old son Marcus eats like two grown men and if I let him will eat me out of a house or home. Sometimes he acts like a bill collector that's trying to recoup his money, but instead its food or my money. All he can say when he sees me is," Daddy I'm hungry or that I'm bored". This young man goes through two gallons a milk a week like its nothing. Doesn't he realize that a gallon of milk at $4.95 cost more than a gallon of gas these days? Crazy, I know, but if you are like a me a single parent or a person that's just  trying to make ends meet, living pay check to pay check or on a shoes string budget , things can get a little hard sometimes. When I shop or like we say down south ,"make groceries", I always keep in mind my budget. I know I have to pay the bills, feed my son and myself, then have enough in the end to buy a little gasoline. It takes a lot of skill to live within your means with this Government shutdown and this infighting in Congress but with the grace of God all things are now possible. I do what the average person does when shopping for food or gas, I look for bargains. I shop at all the Dollar Stores, The Wal-mart's( where prices are getting out of control) and even at the corner stores. If I can save a buck or a dollar by cutting coupons' I do it. Whatever it takes I will do to feed myself and my family.That's how life is if you aren't really rich, well off or if you happen to live on a shoe string budget. Write in and tell me what do you do to save money in this economy. How are you making it? Is Roman noodles, lunch meat, hot dogs, ground meat, chicken or red beans a big part of your grocery list, like its is mine?
Until then have a blessed evening,


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