Who Cheats More, Men Or Women?

 While growing up I used to always hear my grandmother and my aunts discussing who cheats more men or women. My aunts would always tell my grandmother that all men are dogs and you can't trust any man by themselves around women. What I remember the most was my grandmothers words after they got through talking about men. My grandmother said something to my aunts that threw them for a loop. She would say," Baby, men can't cheat by themselves and when every man cheats it always has to be with a woman". These days if you aren't careful you may run into a man or woman that's on the down low, bisexual or gay. Ladies, when you hear or say that all men are dogs, what does that make the women that the men cheat with? My aunts were speechless and couldn't say a word. I laugh at it now, because that's how it always was around my grandmother. My grandmother wouldn't mince any words,  was too wise for anyone to fool her and she was always in control. She would sit back in that rocking chair of hers and smile. Then say you young women have a lot to learn about what it takes to become a real woman! Because women in my day wouldn't sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry!

I remember asking my grandmother about her and my aunts discussion. I would say , Grandmother what do my aunts mean , by saying all men are dogs? Then she would smile and say,"Chuck, you are being noisy? You know, you are not suppose too be in grown folks business! Then I said, I'm sorry grandma, it won't happen again. Then she said to me , Baby before you were been born, men and women have been playing this dangerous game called cheating or messing around. What I mean by cheating is when the man and woman enter into a relationship or marriage, they get into it with the ideal of becoming one. But when the other becomes unfaithful and gets involved with another man or woman that is called cheating. When you see how your grandpa and I are then you know what a real marriage or relationships is suppose to look like . We have been married for over 50 years and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love your grandfather with all my heart , I consider him mine and I am his forever. But to share him with someone else is cheating and not only would that break our vows, it would dishonor God. In the Bible its called adultery and in the world its called cheating . My grandmother went on to say, "So baby, when women say men cheat more than women, they all should ask themselves this question" . If a man didn't have a woman to cheat with, then who could he cheat with? After all it takes two and no man or woman could cheat without the other. In the end baby men and women are just a like when it comes to cheating.Women just try to cover it up by saying men cheat more so that it will give them an excuse to do the same thing. Who Cheats More Men or Women? It doesn't matter who cheats more because if you are the victim, because it will hurt all the same and it doesn't matter if that person happens to be a man or a woman they are both wrong! Write in and give your opinion on the subject.
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