Hump Day Question Of The Day (How do you tell someone that you care?)

As a writer, for Q&A with Chuck and for God Verses Man , I find myself being asked questions daily. Some come from people I know, while others come from complete strangers. I enjoy helping other people with their issues or problems, even though sometimes I have a hard time fixing my own.I love helping people so much so that it makes me want to write and answer as many questions as I can for my readers. It takes time away from my regular writing but I enjoy answering questions. That's why I created this blog to open the minds to every reader from all over the world. Some questions, I just answer by telling them to seek help, read quotes from the bible or if I have an answer to their question then I would give it too them directly. But there are some special questions asked of me that have my mind wondering and when that happens, I begin to write. This weeks question is a little complicated, because its kind of a self examination question and a question of confidence.

This is the question of the day from my unknown friend and in her own words.* Say you like someone and that someone is high class. What I mean about high class is that they come from a rich family, very educated, very well spoken and has everything that life has to offer. I myself come from the hood, not educated, work pay check to pay check, been married and divorced for over sixteen years in a loveless marriage. Now I have been single now for over a year, by myself waiting on God to send me a man. I don't know if the devil is trying to fool me or play with my emotions but I find myself very attracted to this very high class man. Every time I see him, my heart skips a beat, but I am afraid to tell him how I feel. After all what could I offer a man that has everything and what would he want with a low class woman like myself? Help Chuck, tell me please," How do you tell someone that you care"?

After reading this note I was like Wow! What a question and after thinking about this question, I almost had to question myself. Why? Well because I am not an relationship expert, like a Dr. Phil or Oprah. (smile) But after some thought this answer came to mind and I thought that I would share this answer with the world. Men or women can have or achieve many things. They can posses the finest cars, houses and have everything that money can buy. But no amount of education or money can get them love. To my friend who may think of herself as nothing, I want you to know that in Gods eyes you are a queen and have plenty too offer. Never lack confidence, when seeking love or when going after your man. Just do it with class and like my late grandmother would say, always be a lady, then you will get your man. Men or women have for many of years educated themselves, enriched themselves and achieved many things. But in most of their lives, because of their status or possessions, have been denied true love. So trust your heart or your feelings and go after what could last longer than any material possession , true love. Write in and give me your opinion on the subject.
Until have a great week,


Anonymous said…
I can understand how she would feel insecure in approaching this "high class" "educated" man since you see so many that are with a woman equal to their lifestyle or above. Then they are pressued to please family in bringing home an "acceptable" educated woman. My advice to her is if he is educated and rich but has a down to earth approach to life, he is approachable, be yourself and everything should fall into place. Always believe that you are as important as anyone else. Our character defines us not our geographic location or level of education. Take a look in the mirror and love who you see and know that you are worthy to be loved because you were created by the creator - your priceless.
Be Blessed
Deedy said…
Anonymous that was very nice of you to express your opinion and I pray that each person who reads this blog by such a gifted writer knows just how worthy they truly are. I do agree with you that your geographic location does not define you as a person, your moral character is what others sees. Having confidence in yourself gives a person great expectation of what they can accomplish in life with the help of our creator. There maybe woman who are well educated, come from a rich family, but could be the snobbish person in the world. Just like Chuck said, if she have feelings for this man, and find him attractive go for it. You never know he might find her attractive also, but scared to approach her. I'm going to keep this sister in my prayers, and intercede for her to have a heart of confidence.

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