A Man Or A Woman? (Dating in a new age world)

I read a friend of mine post on face book, where she expressed that if she found or saw a man that she was interested in that she wouldn't tell him or let him know. After reading this post, God put on my heart, that is one of the main reason why there are so many single men or women the world today. Especially for those that are in their forties or fifties. Back in the sixties, seventies, eighties and even nineties, there was still a code , that has lasted  for generations or years, where if a man was interested in a woman, that he would pursue the woman. But now much of that has changed and we are all living in a new era. Now in today's time men are less aggressive and some women now pursue or go after what they want. A couple of years back, women used to wait on a man to come to them to expressive his love or desire for her. My late grandmother used to call this courting or what we call it now in today's time dating. In today's time both men or women use different ways to find a spouse or a mate. Today thanks to immigration, the internet and with many men or women changing their sexual preferences, it is not as easy as it used to be to find a  good man or woman to date.
Older heterosexual men or woman are now having a hard time connecting , because of their old fashion ways. In today's time younger women are now more aggressive and many of them go after the men they want. Also with immigration and with people now being more comfortable dating outside their race, the competition for a good man or woman has gotten fierce. Now more than ever both men or women are searching for their potential spouse via the Internet. Why? Because many people don't have the time and others are scared of rejection or the games. Yes in today's time its very hard or complicated finding a good man , woman or the right match. That's why dating sites have become so popular, because men or women can now screen, then look at pictures to determine if that person could be their potential mate. To me internet dating can be so impersonal, because just because a person appears too look good or be a good person online, they could in fact be crazy. That is why I prefer dating with a little of the old fashion ways and with a taste of the new internet way. That way I could see if I like her, then latter meet. But like my great grandmother would always say," If you can't carry a conversation with the person you are interested in, it doesn't matter how good they look, because it wont work.

My advice to any man or woman, that may read this, if you happen to have old fashion ways, you may have to change with the times. Today's younger men or women are now more aggressive and some of us old fashion people have to catch up. Its like going from a pager to a cell phone, times have changed. In today's time people have more than disease to fear, they also have to fear the unknown. Nobody, knows if the person , they are interested in is married, in a relationship or even worse crazy. That is why some men don't even try to pursue some women, because some fear rejection, others fear being hurt and other men just have too many women to choose from. In today's world where  there happens,  to be more women than men , women now have to step up and become more aggressive. If they see a man that they are interested in sometimes they have to be the ones that have to be aggressive. For those women who may think that this may turn some men off, I have this to say. Stop being old fashion and get with the times. Speak up, and don't be shy. Then let the man you like know, that you are interested, single or available. Because if you don't you may find yourself, alone without a man to love. Write in and express your thoughts on the subject. Until then have a great weekend.



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