Common Sense?

I had a friend who used to say," Common sense is so uncommon". What he meant by this is sometime we get ourselves in situations that we can avoid, but instead of doing the right thing we keep on doing the wrong thing. Like my late grandmother would say, "Its too much like right or her other famous saying "When you know better you should do better"! I know that may sound crazy to some people, but I happen to know a few people who enjoy or like having drama or stress in their lives. Some even enjoy having a man or woman that they have to argue with or fight with and there are others who like living life on the edge. Then there are some people who just wake up looking for mess or for something to get into. As crazy as this may sound, there are some people out there that are not happy unless they have something to talk about. Like my late grandfather would always say," Gossip is not only king in the hood, but also in the finest neighborhoods". People love drama, confusion or mess, why do you think reality shows or tabloids are so successful?

I had a friend who once  dated a drug dealer and she would complain when he stayed out all night. What made this relationship even worse  is that he was very abusive physically and mentally, but she wouldn't leave him. Then I had a friend that dated a married man and swore that he would leave his wife. He kept on making her promises after promises, but never followed through on any of them. And then I had a friend that always got behind on his bills, even though he made the  money to pay them. What he did instead of paying his bills,  he bought expensive clothing, rims for his ride or drank himself  until he passed out or bought so many drugs until he was broke. Then he would come over to my house and ask me for money to help pay his bills. My money? Really? Brother or sister," Where is your common sense"? Or why do some people put themselves in uncompromising positions? Why do some people allow themselves to get behind on bills and at the same time allow others to borrow your money when you can't even afford to help yourself? Another thing that still puzzles me today is why so many people, still post their personal business on Face Book or social media! Do you people really think this makes you look good? No its an embarrassment and makes you look dumb or stupid! Why won't some people just do the right thing? And for the love of God why ladies or gentlemen do you date or get involved with a married man or woman? Don't you guys or gals realize that these people are married? Why would they leave their husband or wife for you and if they did don't you know they will do the same to you? Fellas or laddies if you haven't yet gotten over your exes please for your sake and the person you are interested in don't get involved when you know in your heart that you aren't ready for it.

But what's even worse then those people are the ones that curse out or mistreat their children. Parents how do you expect your children to respect you, turn in to productive adults or even want to have anything to do with you when they grow up? It makes me so mad when I see or hear of a parent that does this to their  own children! Also to you dead beat fathers or mothers how do you expect to visit your children, if you don't pay child support? Don't you know that  your children have to eat and need clothing. The mother or father that's raising them didn't make these children by themselves and  you shouldn't expect them to support them all by themselves. I have a special beef with the mothers, yes the mothers. You shouldn't use your children in a way that gets back at the fathers, because it only hurts the children. If you happen to be blessed with a father that actually pays child support, then you should allow him to visit his kids. Now fathers, if you do happen to have children out there that you are not supporting, why are you helping your girlfriend or even your wife raise someone else's child, without helping raise your own? Fathers or Mothers if you beat or abuse your children in the past, what makes you think that they will want to have anything to do with you in the future? Even the most educated, you know the ones with the college degree's or the ones that brag about being P.H.D's or doctors do stupid things such as these. They may have all the book smarts in the world, but when it comes to common sense or street smarts, they are dumb as a door nob. Just plain stupid when it comes to a relationship or raising a family. I guess they don't teach them how to get alone with people in college, because if they did it wouldn't have so many divorces and many of them wouldn't still be single today. The main reason why there are so many single people in the world is because many of them refuse to let go of their past or past hurts. If you happen to be reading this, understand that the only way one can avoid drama or pain is by letting go of the pain which is in their heart! Come on people use your brain, where is your Common Sense? Write in and express your thoughts or opinions on the subject. If you have a story to share by all means write.
Until then have a great week,


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