So Nasty?

Ladies or gentlemen, I have to ask who ever reading this  blog a question, Have you ever dated a man or woman, who dresses so nice or clean, has a clean ride, but when you go over to their house or apartment its dirty? Their furniture is dusty, toilets filthy, dirty dishes in the sink, clothes all over the floor and some of them have the nerve to pile their clothes on top of their beds. I mean what's up with that? I was always told by my mother if a woman's house is clean then she is clean, but if her house is dirty then you better be careful. Because what looks good on the outside may not match her insides. I  just want to know how can some people keep their cars  so clean, dress nice and live in a nasty home? Why are they so nasty? I know some of you may be saying to yourself, Chuck you are just being messy. Well, I am Chuck a blog writer, sometimes I clown people and that's what I do. (Smile) I say what others are afraid of saying and put it out into the open.

 What brought this question to my mind , I was thinking about my past. I met a beautiful young lady in the club one day and after that we started to date. This lady dressed so well, smelled nice and her hair was perfect. I was so impressed with her, because she seem so educated , because she bragged on how many degrees she had and she seem to be sweet as apple pie. I thought to myself, "Man this could be the one and I can't wait to take her to mom". I then said to myself, My mom would love her, because she really has her act together. Educated, well mannered, she spoke well, said she could cook, loved children and had great taste.(Well she chose me smile) I know some of you are saying well what happen? Well that is when the shoe dropped. One day after she paid a visit to my apartment, she invited me over to hers. She said to me, Chuck I don't usually invite men over to my apartment, but there is something special about you and I feel that you may be the one. Well I was saying to myself, my thoughts exactly, because baby you are the one!

So I drove over to her apartment, then rang the door bell. From the outside the apartment looked fine and it was in a nice neighborhood. Then she open the door, well that seemed to be okay until I sat down on her couch. What happen you may ask? Well something ran over my feet! I looked  then said , sweetheart something just ran over my feet. Then she said, Oh that's nothing. I said nothing! Then she said we have been having a little mice problems, but I am getting that taken care of. I said to myself, Whew! I hope this girl isn't nasty, because I really like her. But that's when the you know what hit the fan! She asked me did I want something to drink and of course I said, Yes. Then she brought me a coke with ice and I sat it down on her coffee table. To my surprise roaches came out and started to drink moisture off of the glass. I was grossed out and that's hard for me because I like horror movies (smile) But that's not all, I had to use the bathroom and then when as you women would say," I was to out done"! That's when I knew this girl was nasty! As beautiful as she was this girl was nasty! Well I know some of you may be saying well what happened next? This girls bathroom was so nasty, that  she had yellow stains on her toilet seat , brown rings inside of her sink and then her bathroom smelled like fish! All I could say, to myself is that I really kissed this girl? What was I thinking? And its time to go! So I rushed to the front of the apartment, then noticed a sink full of dirty dishes, that seemed to have been in there for months. I ran out of there so fast you would have thought the apartment was on fire. I guess what they say is true, just because someone looks beautiful on the outside,does not mean they are clean on the inside. So Nasty? Yes very nasty! Write in with your stories and give your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Until then have a great weekend,


Anonymous said…
Too funny!! We experienced that this past weekend at a relative house. We stayed at a hotel of course. We just visited but very uncomfortable. Why do they always offer you something to eat, numerous times?

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