When I was about thirty years old, I worked at a Subaru car dealership in sales. Every now and then the company I worked for send sales people out for training sessions. This particular time the training was out of town and in another state which was Texas. When they broke the news that I and another one of my co-workers would be flying to Dallas, Texas after work I immediately told my live in girlfriend the news. To give you a brief description of our relationship, we have had dated for over a year and later we moved in together. I thought at the time that we had a wonderful relationship and that we both were in love. At that time she was a single mother that had five children and at that time I had two of my own. When I met her the children were not well behaved and lack discipline. After sometime, we all grew together as a family and the children then became like my own. They loved me and I also loved them we were like the perfect family, a large black Brady bunch. (smile)

Anyway, after I told my girlfriend that I would be taking a trip out of town, she was okay with it and later we both went to sleep. Before I left I explained to her that I would be back on that same day, because the training was for only four hours and we would be taking the next flight out. The next morning my friend and I went to the airport, then flew to Texas. The reason why I remember this trip so well is because it was the first time I boarded a plane as an adult. I was very nervous, a little scared and the flight attendants didn't make it any better. Why you may ask? Well first of all the plane that we took to Texas, was a small prop plane and not a jet. Then the flight attendants were in the back talking about old near misses while flying in a prop plane. They would tell stories about when one engine failed and the had to land in a storm. Then they would also talk about the plane getting hit by lighting. This wasn't a good story to tell, especially for a person taking his very first plane trip as an adult.

Later we landed in Texas and went to our training session. After it was over we later arrived at the airport for our trip back to Louisiana. What was strange about this was that I noticed that most of the flights were cancelled, because of the weather. So I went to the airport attendant and asked her what would be the next available flight out. She looked at her computer and then said, Mr. Holmes it won't be until 8:30 am the next morning. I looked at my friend and said, Man it looks like we will be sleeping in the airport. After we talked he called his wife to give her the news and I did the same by calling my girlfriend.We both thought we would be sleeping in the airport until his cousin called and said his wife and himself would be driving to Louisiana. It was a relief to me, because I didn't want to sleep in an airport. I was so excited, because I could go home and sleep in my bed next to my girlfriend. I tried to call her but she didn't answer the phone , I then thought to myself, well maybe my baby is sleeping and that is why she didn't answer the phone.

Anyway, we started the drive home which was a 10 hour drive and I made it home at about 2 in the morning. Before I was dropped off my friend noticed that there was a strange car parked in my drive way. He said, Chuck did you guys buy a mustang? I said to him not to my knowledge and smiled. Maybe one of my in-laws' are spending a night, then he drove off and I put the key in the door. When I walked in the house I heard my girlfriend moaning calling out this persons name, so I grabbed my baseball bat and walked slowly to the bedroom. Then I turned on the light and there they were together in bed with a very surprised looks on their faces. I said, Pam what the hell are you doing? Then she screamed and then, said Baby its not what you think! Then the guy she was with tried to run out of the doorway, but I stepped in front of him and swung my baseball bat. I was so angry ,mad and had so many mixed emotions. A part of me wanted to kill the both of them and another part of me just wanted to leave. What was I to do I said to myself? Then a strange thought came over me , then I told the man to leave. After all it wasn't his fault that my girlfriend cheated. What made me laugh if  you can believe it my ex-girlfriend said it was an accident. Then I looked at her then said, You can accidentally slip or fall and you can also accidentally get in a car accident, but you can't accidentally have sex! What type of fool do you think I am, you are just Busted! That is my true life story and one that I'll remember for the rest of my life. Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Until then have a great,


Anonymous said…
Now you left us hanging. What did you do or say to her after? How did you deal with it? I'm so noisy, huh? lol
Charles Holmes said…
Lol, yes Anonymous you are a little nosey, but that's okay .(smile) You ask what did I tell her, well after that we stayed made at each other for about two weeks and made up. She promised to stop cheating, which of course she didn't. She kept on cheating until I got tired of the relationship. To the ladies that are reading this comment or journal, yes even men sometime get tired and leave. (smile)
Deedy said…
Chuck, you did the right thing not take it out on the man. I'm glad you came to your senses and moved on. Good things come to those who wait!! One Voice, One Love, Be Blessed!!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Charles for the additional info. I've noticed that the "good men" are always used by women who are good looking with a nice body and who loves attention. They cheat on them and they stay with them. It's like they feel they are not worthy of being treated any better. These women disrespect the men right in front of their face. It's like they've won the unforbidden fruit and now they're paying for it. So sad to see a man used, it's worst when a woman does it to a man than vice versa
Charles Holmes said…
Yes Deedy and Anonymous what's so funny about it, she actually had the nerve to tell me that it was an accident and that she didn't mean too cheat. I said woman please, you can accidently slip or fall but you can't slip up on some sex. You know what I mean . (smile) She thought I was like, what we used to say as children in the old days," Sam the sausage head or that I was young dumb or full of,"........ I will not say it..... Boy this does bring up memories and even though they are bad ones I can still laugh and smile about it. Why? Because I have survived them and made it through the storm , then to lived too another day!

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