I remember when I was in high school I had two really good friends. What made our friendships so special was that we all grew up in the same neighborhood went to the same school and we often played together. But as you know time change and when we graduated from high school we all went our separate ways . Now the friends I grew up with have new lives and families of their own. For myself life after high school was difficult especially in the friendship department. Why? Well when I tried to make friends with others the friendship rarely work. The people that wanted to be my friend, always had an ulterior motive and had an hidden agenda. Then the ones that I did have lasting relationships with always stabbed me in or talked about me behind my back. That is why I find it difficult to have a friend in today's time and always remained solo. Its sad to say, but outside my family and God I can't count on one hand, the friends that I can trust or depend on. Question, what happen to real friends? Why is it so difficult to find or have on in today's time? I am not talking about Face book , twitter, tagged or other social site friends , because I have thousand of those. I am talking about , real friends! Do you have one and if so how is your experience? Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Until then have a great Sunday,


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