How Do You Know When Its Time To Let Go?

 Wow! What a start to May! Q&A with Chuck is off to a running start. So far my blog ," How do I reveal my secret?" Has over 250 page views and many people are reacting to this powerful question. Which brings up another interesting question, "How do you know when its time to let go? The inspiration for this question, really is a continuation from my last blog. If you happen to be heart broken, in a bad relationship, a horrible marriage or even if you are unhappy with your job,one may ask," How do you know when its time to let go"? Unfortunately I have had experience with all four of these situations. I have been in many bad relationships, had one very bad marriage and I have been on jobs that were so horrible that it made me feel like I was a slave. I had to make some decisions that changed my life forever .

Now its decision time, you have determined that the person you are with is not the one for you and there is no future. Also you have been married for years, but your marriage is in turmoil, its also sexless, all you do is argue, fuss or fight and nothing you do or try will make it work. You've tried of counseling, talking ,praying, your spouse is so stubborn that they don't want to compromise and he or she are not willing to make the necessary sacrifices too make it work. At your job you are at a dead end, no room for advancement, your boss doesn't like you or wants you fired and your co-workers are constantly stabbing you in your back.You are mad, tired, frustrated , pissed off, mind is made up , finished and finally ready to move on. Now you are at the point, where you are looking or searching for a way out. In your heart and mind divorce or separation is the only option. You are ready to leave, move with your life or do whatever necessary to end this useless marriage or relationship.

 Only a few things hold you back from making your well thought out move or decision final. What you may ask? As my late grandmother would say," Its easier said than done".  Even though the mind is willing, the body or mind doesn't want to let go. Why? Because you have built a relationship with this person or established yourself within the company and have invested so much of yourself, that it's hard to let go.  Besides that you may have to start over and some may wonder, how do they start over with someone unfamiliar or with something new? I know it scary giving up on someone or something that you have invested time, money and energy in. That's the risk we all take, when we seek love, peace and happiness. Its never easy and never feels right, but in our hearts we all know that something needs to be done. One question remains," How do you know when its time to let go or when its time to let go? Answer; If the person you are with is not good for you, doesn't make you happy or loyal, then you shouldn't in turn be good or loyal back to them. On top of that if they happen to be on drugs, alcoholic, arrogant, abusive, a criminal, very mean, evil or nasty then stop wasting time life is really too short and you aren't getting any younger. Take my advice its way past time and its really time let go! Write in then give your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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