Just A Friend?

Over the fifty-one years of my life, I always wondered why men and women had problems as a couple or in a relationship. From my research and personnel experience I have determine the reasons for this is because men and women play, childish or silly games. I know there may be some women who read this and may say that men are the ones that play games or that most men are dogs or whores. But I have something to say about that, news flash to the women who feel this way, its not true and don't believe the hype! When it comes to playing games I happen to know more than a few women who are pros at it and will put the best player or whore to shame. I was always told by my mother, that when it comes to playing the field, women are pros's at it and men were amateurs. I remember one conversation that I had with my mother, when she would say, Chuck do you really think you are playing those women? And if so ask yourself this question," Who is playing who and don't you know those women knew that they wanted you before you got involved with them?" I know some women might say, Chuck you are wrong for saying that and if you feel that way then why? Or like one of my aunts might say explain yourself young man. (smile)

Just the other day I was on my way to work and I noticed that a neighbor of mine car happen to be broken down. When I looked down, I saw her sitting down looking at her car. I said hello how are you doing and then asked her what was wrong with her car. Before she could answer me a man answered me from under her car, then told me that her brakes locked up. I walked over to the side he was on then said, what's up man how are you doing? He said fine, but as you can see and he said this sarcastic that I am working on my friends car. Then I looked at her, then said, you are not putting your man in the friend zone are you? Then he said before she could answer, Yes man she is, but ask yourself this question, What man would come from one end of the town, take a woman out to eat, wine and dine her, spend nights and when a crisis arrives comes, then fixes a beautiful woman's car? She might say that I am just a friend, but you know and she knows I am not.

So ladies, I have a question for you why do you do this? Why is it when you are in the company of a man and when someone ask you who is this person, then you say he is just a friend? Is it because you are afraid of commitment or you have something to hide? Don't you know that most men don't like this practice and it makes them look bad? Most of you know that if a man tried this, you would be all over him and you might ask him these questions. So I am just a friend am I? Then you would say, well you didn't say that last night or you may say well if I am a friend I guess I might as well treat you like one. Most of you would be mad as hell and you would be complaining to your girlfriends, then fussing at your so called friend all night! Why is it that when you are horny or hot he is your lover, but when you want something done for you or when you are seen in public then he is your friend? This is something that I have found that only women can get away with saying this statement. Why? Well I know from my past experience, if I had said this while I was with someone I was involved with, it would be on! Write in ladies and explain why do you use this statement," Oh he's just a friend". Really Just A Friend?


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