Love Me, Love Me Not?

When I was a child I loved to ask questions? Why? I hate to admit it but, because I was very curious or as my sister would say a little noisy and  always wanted to know everything! One day while playing outside with my bothers and sisters, I saw a guy with a flower in his hands saying, "She loves me, she loves me not". While he was doing this he would pull a petal off of the flower each time he said this. Being the type of child I was, I naturally asked my parents what this statement meant. My father said, Well Chuck, what that man is trying to determine is if the woman he has fallen for loves him or if she doesn't love him. I looked at my father and said, Why does he need to do that, shouldn't he just ask her? My father laughed and then said well Chuck that's all I got, so you just have to figure it out yourself. Being that wasn't enough for me, I latter asked my grandmother what this statement meant. Then she laughed and said, Chuck where did you hear that man saying that statement. I said, In a park grandma. Then she said, "Chuck sometimes when you children sing nursery rimes, I sometimes shake my head because known of you know the reason or the reasoning behind those sayings". She went on to say that sometimes people get married for the wrong reasons. In my day, when an older man married a younger woman, he would always wonder to himself, does his wife loves him or loves him not. Why? Well sometimes a younger woman would only marry an older man out of conveyance or for money. Then there are the women who marry men because they seem to be cool or bad boys. When someone marries or get into a relationship because of status it never last. As you know that went into one ear out of the other, but at least I got my answer to my question.(smile)

It wasn't until I reached the age of forty, when I understood what my grandmother meant. What brought this to my attention, is while at work I noticed a couple walking into our store, the man was about in his sixties and the woman was about in her twenties. They came in looking for a car and I began to help them. After sometime they began to open up and tell me something's about them, like they were married for four years, no children( other than the two she already had) and that they just bought a house. I could tell that one of them seemed to be very much in love, while the other seemed a little distant, but I ignored that and then began to do my job. I asked the couple who was the car for that they were buying, then the husband said proudly, I am buying this car for my wife. After sometime the husband left because we finished the deal and the wife for some reason began to confide in me. She started to explain her reasons for being married to an older man. She said, I married my husband not because I love him and I married him out of conveyance. I figured she explain since she has been taken advantage of by men all of her life , that when she got the opportunity she would do the same. Then I looked at her, then said, so you are telling me that you are only with your husband, because he can provide for you or give you money? Then she said, Yes, but why are you looking at me like I am some kind of gold digger which I am not? Then I said well its either you love him or you love him not. If you know of any men or women in the same position, please write in , then give your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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