I was always taught as a child that God has blessed each of us all with five senses, the ability to smell, touch, feel, hear or see . My mother would always remind me and my siblings how blessed we were. As she would put it there are some people in the world that were born without some of these senses and there are others due to an accident or an illness lost some or all of these abilities. But there was one sense that my mother, didn't talk much about and that's our human ability to sense danger or to sense when something is wrong which is called the sixth sense. Now I know there may be some women who think I am talking about a women's intuition, but I am not talking about that because only women can feel that way. What I am talking about is the feeling each of us have when we feel that something is about to go wrong or when we feel like someone may be cheating on us. The feeling I am describing is that sharp pain we sometimes get when someone lies to us or when our spouses, children, friends and even our family members are doing something wrong. Its hard to explain, but I do believe that God has blessed us all with a sixth sense giving each of us the ability to tell or foresee if our love ones are lying, cheating or is up to no good.

 The question of the week is what do we do when we feel this way or how do we deal with our doubts, fears, insecurities or suspicions? Do we trust how we feel, think or do we wait until our feelings or thoughts are either confirmed , made true or false? If true do we confront them or do we walk away? I know from my own experience, that in my past when I felt or thought that my former girlfriend or even my ex-wife was cheating, it was latter confirmed or was true. How did I know ahead of time? Well I had a feeling in my gut, a sharp pain in my heart or from previous experience. Not the kind that will kill you, but the kind that will bring tears to your eyes or hurt your heart. Like my late grandmother would always say experience is a great teacher. Its up to you she went on to say, if you learn from it , then do better or keep falling for the same old tricks or lies over and over again. Besides that it was their suspicious behavior that made me aware that something was going wrong or happening. Like muted cell phone calls or cell under the pillow, extra clothing in their trunk of their car, a fresh scent of a warm bath or shower, even though they took one before they left and even some of them were so bold enough to be dropped off or have their phone answered by their so called guy or girlfriends friends.The question is what makes you feel uneasy or suspicious?If you find yourself feeling this way what do you now and can trust your own thoughts, feelings or instincts? And if so what are you going to do about your own suspicions? Your sixth sense, your own curious nature, male or female instinct or intuition and your Suspicions. Write in, then express your feelings or thoughts on the subject.


Anonymous said…
I was in a relationship and some things just didn't feel right. i prayed and asked the Lord to show me if this was truly the person I was supposed to be with if not show me clearly what he;s doing? The very next day the Lord allow some information to fall right in my lap. So he wasn't the one, it hurt but I was free. If something doesn't feel right I have to deal with it right then and not turn a blind eye to it. Wasting my time is a big time pet peeve of mine
Charles Holmes said…
Many times when we pray and ask God for an answer to our prayers, we might not like the answer he gives us. But what I have found that its better to know the truth, then to live a lie. Love hurts, because no one wants to live alone and many of us hate starting over. Sometimes its better to have peace than to live in a relationship built on lies.

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