Why Are We Killing Each Other?

As I watch the news, I am sadden by the everyday news of a new murder. I know that its just a simple part of life that there will always be crime and in a way crime helps various crime agencies stay in business. Without crime there wouldn't be any police officers, prisons, task force, lawyers and one might say hospitals wouldn't be as busy or there wouldn't be any need for a judge. As I was once told by a lawyer," That crime is big business and this is how I make my living, buy defending the guilty or the innocent". I know what he said was true, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for the young lady that was riding her bicycle one morning around a lake, that suddenly got kidnapped by someone unknown or they young man that was shot and killed on his was to a conveyance store. Seeing or hearing this type of news everyday, makes one not even want to pick up the paper or watch the news. Why watch news if all you see is someone being kidnapped, murdered, raped or other various crimes? It doesn't make me feel safe knowing that there are people out there that enjoy killing, stealing and other forms of crime.
What I haven't yet figured out about one crime particular is black on black crime I still don't understand why some of us feel the need to harm, hurt or kill someone of our own kind. I know many of them are too young to understand the sacrifices that were made for them in the past, but at least they are old enough to appreciate their freedoms. It makes me want to ask a group of our young black men or women, why throw away your freedom over a petty disagreement or argument? Why kill your brother or your sister? Don't you guys realize that we are all Gods children and the only benefits' of crime is death,imprisonment or hell? Its to the point that we as black people can't blame the white man for our troubles or pains. Why some may ask? Because now in today's time when some of our people ask the question why is this happening and what is the reasons for all this killing? All that we as black people have to do is take a hard look into the mirror and we will see then answer to the question," Why are we killing each other?" Write in ,then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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