Why Do You Want Play With My Emotions?

Its summer time and as you know this is the time of year when people go crazy. After all when summer begins and school starts is when crime all over the nation rises. For some strange reason when it gets hot or warm outside is when people start to snap, do stupid things, then hurt, kill the people they love or they just go plain crazy. The question one may ask is why? Could the real reason be, because there are a lot of men or women out there playing games with peoples heart or is it because some men or women like to have their cake, ice cream and eat it too? Or could it be that some people are so nosey, that they just can't help themselves, because they are always in someone else's business except their own. What do I mean by this? Well for example, there are some men and even some women that are only interested in you because of what a persons has or for what they can get. These people are called gold diggers or usurers and they are out to get only what they can get. What most of these people don't realize is that when they receive gifts, money, sex or any other item from someone who happens to like or love them, that their hearts are involved. Besides that people these days work hard for their money and as my father would say, nothing in life is free. As you may know money  these days are hard to come by. Why waste it if someone that doesn't appreciate it or on one that isn't worthy? As my late grandmother would say, you can always make more money or material possessions, but you can never get back the time you spend with them. Why waste it on someone who isn't worth it?

This message is not just intended for those who just take advantage of people for their money, but also to those who are only after a man or woman for their body. That is why I always make my daughter aware of the dangers of getting involved with a man that she doesn't know. I remind her that there are some men that's are only interested in a woman's body and they don't have her best interest at heart. Then there are those people who in my opinion are the worse kind, you know the people who happen to be still married, separated or actively in a relationship. I have some questions that a lot of you really need to ask yourselves. Why do you want to get involved with someone, if you still have a man or a woman? Don't you realize that this is cheating? How do you expect the man or woman you are trying to get involved with to ever respect or trust you? Haven't you ever heard the old saying," finish what you start"? Don't you realize that if you keep playing games, telling lies or cheating ,that eventually you will get caught? Also don't most of you realize that is why most people snap, hurt or then kill the person or persons they are involved with? People don't just loose control or hurt people without a real purpose or a reason. When a person gives, their time, money or their heart to someone then they later find out later, that they were just being played or used it hurts! I mean really hurts! That is why some people just simply snap , loose their minds and go out of control. My advice to those who happen to be involved in such practices please stop! Because in the end, you will be caught! And when you do get caught, there will be one question that your friend, lover, spouse, husband or wife might ask or say to you, Why do you want to play games with my mind, my body and especially with my heart? Why Do You Want To Play With My Emotions? Write in , then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


Anonymous said…
Wow Chuck, my sister's ex husband killed his wife because she played with his feelings, got his money, he bought her a car, bought a new house and took care of her children. She left him for another man, came to the house with a u haul to get her stuff and he killed her in the front yard. You probably heard about it a few years ago in the Gonzales area. That was a sad day. Playing with peoples' feelings is a dangerous thing, many can't handle it. It's always the person you never thought would do such a thing but in a split second anger can hit you and that spirit can rise up in you with uncontrollable emotions.
Deedy said…
Chuck that is a very good question, and many people deserve a good answer. It has been my experience that people who have doubts, fears, etc. in their own lives have tendencies to play with others emotions. They lack control over their own lives so they find some kind of enjoyment from playing with other people. Typically people that play with other people's emotions are not happy or fulfilled in their lives so they turn to such behavior.
Even though this is a common question, and you can find that people still have a tendency to act without remorse the answer may be, put in the simplest terms, is that the person doing the playing gets a MASSIVE ego-boost to know that they have some kind of control over you AND your emotions. Basically, its a POWER thing. And, let's face it, no one likes to admit poor qualities about themselves, right? You can never figure out people becasue they come in so many disguises. When you find a person acting in this role they think only of themselves and act without thinking how it could affect another person. They don't consider they may be leading a person on. Or perhaps they do..and they are in denial that they are selfish -taking attention and affection without giving any back. Why do people do it? People do it because they are tools and like the feeling of being in control.
Charles Holmes said…
I agree with the both of you and feel that crimes of passion are ones that can be prevented with the right amount of counseling and some rearing from their parents. But it has to be done on two different levels(1)Parents must have talks with their children before they become adults. Teach them why its very important not to deceive or to take advantage of anyone and also to remind them that it never pays to be selfish.(2) Many people in this position need to learn how to love themselves and be able to accept rejection. Yes it hurts when someone lies to you or deceives you. But one has to accept that rejection or deception are parts of life. That doesn't mean its over, it just means that's life.

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