Domestic Violence

In my previous blog, I asked the question what can be done when it comes to affairs or domestic violence? Especially violence when it comes to abusing women and children. Everyday, men, women and innocent children are being killed all over the world by people they know or love. It seems that there is no answer or solutions when it comes to this question. Even though more states ,some countries have hired more police and there is no way they can prevent this crime or  protect the innocent .Why? Because most of these crimes are being committed by individuals that no one would even suspect. The question that should be asked is why? Why are our young men, women and sadly to say our children being abused, hurt and killed by the people that are suppose to love them? Why are there so many people that are emotionally or mentally unstable? What can we do as concerned citizens ,parents, mothers, fathers, brothers or sister to prevent our love ones, from becoming a victim of Domestic Violence? There are no easy answers, but one thing for sure if we don't look out for the people we love they too could become the next victim of this very heinous crime.

One morning I woke up and heard a couple arguing in my apartment complex. What was disturbing about this particular argument,was the content that was being discussed in the argument. The reason I am bringing up this particular argument is because, just like any good thought, ideal or solution there always a great example when solving a problem. Back to the argument the couple started throwing insults at each other, but what was really disturbing was what the woman said about her boyfriend.  Please forgive me if your not an adult, because this blog is rated PG and for grown folks only! (smile) After being a little nosey and listening to their conversation, I determine that the reason they started arguing is because her boyfriend caught his girlfriend cheating. The young lady started talking about the size of her boyfriends penis expressing that it was too small and not big enough to satisfy her. Then said this was really the reason why, she cheated on him. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was both hurt and embarrassed. What was so cold about it was that she expressed herself right in front of the whole apartment complex and as you may know some of us can't seem to mind our own business. It seem that everyone that lived in the complex was outside watching and no one out there had the courage or the will to break them up. What happen after that, her boyfriend then reached into his pants and pulled out a gun. He threaten to kill her because she embarrassed him. The reason I brought this particular argument up is because sometimes we put ourselves in certain situations that can be avoided. This argument is just an example how something's get heated and can get out of control. That day, thank God, no one was killed and now that young man who pulled the gun is now in jail.

What made me write about this particular incident, was the argument itself. Why? Because the words that were spoken were unnecessary and it could have been avoided. Also sometimes when we get ourselves in trouble, where there is no one around to protect us. Police have a hard enough job protecting us from normal criminals and those who commit crimes of passion are the ones that no policemen have to power to prevent or to protect. My advice to anyone who read this, If you happen to be with someone who is mentally unstable, physically abusive or crazy, figure out a way to get out or away from the situation. Never forget that sometimes a protective order from the police, isn't enough to keep one safe or have the ability to save a persons life. Do what ever it takes or necessary to leave this abusive situation quickly and safely. Domestic Violence is real and no man , woman or child are immune when it comes to this very dangerous situation. Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


Anonymous said…
I really hate it when a woman belittles a man in public, it's so degrading and she shows the disrespect she has for him while trying to justify her actions, So sad. That's attacking his manhood, not just physically but his state of being a man with authority. Some men deal with it for so long while the anger is building up and then one day they just snap and do something that will change their life forever. Abuse which is physically or mentally is done by a person who doesn't love themselves and has alot of underlying issues. My heart goes out to the ones on the receiving end. Lynette
Deedy said…
Well Chuck, I'm back have not been reading your blog lately, but glad to be back. Domestic violence whether the victim is a woman, man, or child is not a normal lifestyle anyone wants to experience or have to deal with. Men and woman have to learn how to respect each other instead of degrading one another. Regardless whether a person may be short-tempered, or even someone who can deal with it without going into a crazied rage, it still can become dangerous. Child abuse is another factor, and all I have to say on this matter, if you don't have the patience to dela with every obstacle you may face as a parent, don't have kids. There are better ways to handle situations when chastising your kids, and going into a crazied rage is not one of them. I know some parent really get very abusive with their children, because they experienced this as a child. One thing for sure abuse is not love, and love is not demolishing the inner-being of the one you love.

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