Doubted, Prejudge Or Scrutinized?

Have you ever been doubted before in your life? Have people ever prejudged or judged you because of your height, weight, size,  gender, skin color, political affiliation or religion? Have your intelligence ever been in question, because of your lack of or had someone presume that your are not educated or smart enough to do or handle your job? Have you even been doubted by your own family members, spouse, mate, husband , wife or even your own children ? Have you ever been doubted because of the type of car you drive or because of the neighborhood you are currently living in? Have your athletic or physical abilities been question because your lack of height, size or weight? Chances are if you lived long enough, you have experienced at least one of out five, of these questions. People by nature are judgmental of others and often prejudge or doubt people just because of who they are or because of where they may come from. Most people tend to only look at what they perceive or see from the outside, verses what they could they could know and that's a huge or a very big mistake. What most people don't realize is just because a person lacks a few things on the outside , what they have on the inside far out ways any mental or physical ability.

Being a short black African male, I have always been doubted, prejudge and scrutinized by all races, even my own. Now that I am older I expect people to doubt or prejudge me. Why? Well because every since I can remember I have always been doubted and people have always question my abilities in every aspect of my life. I grew up with a chip on my shoulders, because I always felt that I had something to prove, not only to others but also too myself. I felt that I had to show people that not only that I was smart, but that I was also reliable and not someone that can't be played with or messed with emotionally or physically. Some people make the mistake that a short black man is not smart enough or hard enough to handle any situation. That is when I have to show them who they are messing with and prove them wrong. I thank God for my parents, because they believed in me and never doubted my abilities. I can hear my parents now saying, You can do just about anything, if you put your mind to it! They would also say, the only thing that can keep you from accomplishing your dreams is yourself, so never doubt yourself! Mom, Dad and my grandparents, thank you for staying on me, because without you, maybe I would have Doubted myself, Prejudged others and Scrutinized every situation. Sometimes I even have to remind myself, that its my heart, not my size or what I may have, that made me the man I am today. If you ever been Doubted, Prejudge or Scrutinized always remember this, its not your income, size, race, status or even where you live, that makes you a great  man or woman its your heart. Doubted, Prejudge or Scrutinized? Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Until then have a great weekend,



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