The Flame Called Love


I was one told by a very wise friend of mine that love was a fire or a flame that needed fuel to survive. Without it he would go on to explain, it would flicker or fade away. Then he went on to say that if there happens to be two willing partners, that fire or flame will burn forever. When I think about my friends very wise words, I can now visualize what it really means to be in love. A great example of what the flame represents is after a couple gets married the man and woman each take a candle to light one flame. What this represents is the joining of two different, backgrounds, beliefs, personalities, ways of life, or ideals to become one. What each should realize that without feeding the flame, their love or desire for each other will just flicker or fade away. The question I have been asked many times by the people who write me or those who seek an answer when it comes to love is, How does one keep the fire or flame burning? Then there are some that may ask, how do I keep our love alive?

 After some thought, I came up with this answer, By feeding your love with the same intensity or effort as you did before or during the time when you fell in love. Also as a couple both should revisit the flame daily and never forget what brought  them together or what made them fall in love with each other in the first place. Like my late grandmother would put it, Falling in love is easy, but to keep it alive, it takes hard work, effort and patience. My late grandmother would continue to say, That love is never one sided or selfish.Which means even though one person may do more for the other in a marriage or a relationship, somehow it has to equal out, balance or come out the same.For those who may be confused by my last sentence let me explain. In some relationships or marriage, a man or a woman  may make more money than the other or put in more effort. When that happens then one of them may start to feel unappreciated or unloved.To combat that the couple has to become a team and due their part.There must be a mutual agreement that one  provide the income or labor, while the other provides good ideals, thoughts or passion, as long as both don't forget about the other wants, needs or desires there will not be any problems. Where the problem comes in is when one or both stop doing their part.When that happens that is when the flame or fire begins to fade.Why? Because just like any flame or fire it has to have fuel to survive. No one person has enough love by themselves to keep the flame or fire alive and no one can love for two.The question is do you have what it takes, the will or desire to keep your love, your relationship or marriage alive or together for as long as you both live. Can you feed your the flame called love?Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.



Deedy said…
After reading this post, there is nothing left to say, but I really enjoyed reading, "The Flame Called Love" great job, and the music just sets the mood!!

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