How can I?

Unless you lived under a rock or in a cave then you wouldn't , know that they world we live in is a very dangerous place. Today a select few, treat life as if it means nothing and have no problem taking a life or committing a crime. The news of a fresh murder or a rape is like ordinary news and now when someone gets killed or rape it is not as shocking as it used to be. Now more than ever all men, women and especially children should all look over their shoulders. Because now more than ever there are certain people that enjoy doing these crimes and if we are not careful we too can become victims of these crimes. The question is what can we do about these criminals who prey upon the weak? And why do people ideally stand by while someone is being raped, murdered or taken advantage of? Why won't they speak up? After all these people are somebody's, mother, father, daughter, son or somebody's family member.

 When I think about these questions for myself, all I can say is, How can I let this happen ,when all I have to do is care?What brought this topic to my mind, was when I was shopping at a local Wal-mart. After I got through shopping I was packing the items I bought into the trunk of my car. Then I preceded to take the shopping cart back to the store, but I noticed four young children in the car by themselves. They looked up at me and seem to be scared. It was like they were saying , where is my mother and I hope she comes back soon. The car windows were down and I am was relieved because it was very hot outside. So I go into my car and began to drive off. But something in my heart wouldn't let me leave or go. All I could think about was the murders, the kidnappings, rapes or other crimes being committed. These were children and they could have easily been my children or grandchildren. So I drove over to a police car and told the officer about the children in the car. I told him that I didn't want the parents to get in trouble, I only wanted him to watch over them until the parents came out. After all there is to much going on in the world and I couldn't live with myself if something happen to those beautiful children. I could have left after all it wasn't my business, could I or how can I, if I  really cared? Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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