My Baby Daddy

When I first started this blog, I never thought that it would go in this direction. Now people all over the United States and some people from around the world are starting to share their personal problems or issues with me. Sometimes it can get overwhelming, because some people that write me act like I am Oprah or Dr. Phil, what they don't realize is that I am a writer by trade and no doctor or talk show host.(smile) Which brings me to the topic of the week, My Baby Daddy. Sounds like a strange topic, but in today's time its very common for some women who may have children, that don't really know who fathered their children.That's the cost of sleeping around with many men not knowing who or when your child or children were conceived.

 Because of this many families have suffered for the sins of their fathers or mothers. Why? Because children are sometimes the last to know and some parents keep what they did in their youthful days a secret. Some women are afraid to tell their children that the man that's raising them is in fact their step father and not their biological father. This secret sometimes is even kept from the man that is raising the child or children and some mothers have the nerve to have their husband or man believing that they fathered a child together. The he goes on to spend a lot of valuable energy or time raising and taking care of a child or children that isn't even his. Some women wonder why a lot of men are so angry, bitter or mean, well its because of women like these who continue to play this very dangerous games by fooling the man they are with having him think that he is the father of their child, children or their Baby Daddy!

 So over the years what's in the dark always comes out in the light and the truth is always revealed. The real question I have for those who keep this secret, Why lie to your children, husband or man? Don't you realize that it better to tell the truth now, rather than later? I always been told the longer you wait to tell the truth and the more you lie, the deeper the hole you put yourself into. And when the truth finally comes out, it will be painful, traumatic and if you ever told your child to always tell the truth or never to lie then you will have a lot of explaining to do because you will begin to look foolish.  Ladies if you are guilty of holding on to this secret, always remember that its better to tell the truth than a lie. Don't have your children asking you, if the man you are now dating or married to is your baby's daddy when in fact its for someone else. What's sad is that there are millions of men or women who are just finding out now, that the man who they thought was their father all these years was only their step father and not their real father. My Baby Daddy! Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


Anonymous said…
Secrets, so many are buried in the graveyard with the person who was carrying it. I actually know of a sister and brother who are married and have the same father, but they don't know and are in ther sixties. So sad. Secrets can destroy lives and cause a lifetime of hurt, if you allow it. Some men and women take no responsibility when it comes to having sex. Children are conceived, but unwanted and then used to play childish and selfish games with one another. Then the child leads a life confused and unloved (in a sense). Lies will always find you out, if not, it will torment you for a lifetime. Good blog, Charles - Lynette
Charles Holmes said…
Now people do you see what I am talking about? A brother and a sister married or sleeping together? That's sad and sick! That is why its so important to know who your relatives is. This is a very small world we live in and as adults we should let our children know if there happens to have another brother or a sister out there. Also keeping your children in the dark when it comes to an affair is wrong and eventually they will find out. My advice to anyone who read this, become more responsible and treat your children with respect. If you respect yourself then in turn you will earn the respect from others.


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