The One That Got Away

Lets face it or face fact, everybody has a type. It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman, there are certain things that each of us like, turns us off or on and certain things that we hate or like. This even applies when it comes to a relationship or marriage. Some women have been known to like or prefer only tall men, while other like short and then there are others who like men that are large. Then there are some women who prefer men that are powerful, wealthy, while others have been known to only to date men in uniform, bad boys, thugs or gangsters. I have found when it comes to figuring out what women really want, desire or need that its almost impossible to figure out. Women by nature are very different from men and as smart as some of us men claim to be, we will never know what a woman really wants or needs. We can only hope that when that special day comes around, that we will be able to keep her happy, please her, not say or do the wrong thing that may make her mad or scare her away.

Men are simple, we have certain types of women we desire or like also. But what makes us different from women ,is that most men have one requirement in common, when it comes to choosing a woman to give our hearts too. What is this requirement you may ask? A woman that will love us and have our backs in our time of need. From my experience and from my conversations with lot of men, there is nothing better than have a woman that will stick with their man through thick or thin. Nothing pleases a man more than knowing that his spouse or mate, believes in him, then has faith and there is nothing worse than having a woman that doesn't believe that her man can. Having a woman that is confident in her mans ability and believe in what he is doing actually scores major points when it comes to dating or marriage. Why? Because from what I have heard and from my own experience this actually makes a man want to act better, then give more from his heart.

Which brings me to this weekends topic, The One That Got Away. From my own experience I always think about the one who got away. I remember when I was younger I used to hear the term, love at first sight and I wonder to myself could this really be possible. One fact that I found to be true both men and women desire a good spouse or mate. We all want someone to love and many of us are hoping to find the one that was made especially for us. Love is something that money can't buy, but if we could most us would do it in a heartbeat. All of us men or women are attracted to different things and sometimes all it takes is a look or a smile to make us fall in love. Its funny or strange that sometimes we can just look at someone and say , Wow, he or she maybe the one and what's funny we say this statement about a complete stranger. Then we may say," What if I was with them, what would happen then or could he or she be my soul mate? Then there are some ruthless men or women that may say," That man or woman should be mine and I can treat them better then them".(smile) Or are you one of those people who have found the one, but scared to take advantage of the situation. All jokes aside, I would like my readers to write in or express themselves. I want to know have any of them or even if it happens to be you reading this, ever fell in love with a face, a figure, a style or a smile that made you wonder to yourself , if that was" The One That Got Away".
Have a great weekend,


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