What Do I Do Now?

If you haven't noticed, love or finding love has become big business. Every where you look there are dating sites advertising not only on the internet , but also on television. The big reason for that is because finding someone to love is not easy to find and finding someone that matches your lifestyle or your beliefs has become increasingly difficult. When searching for a mate, one has to be very careful, because its impossible to know the persons motives behind them wanting to get to know you. That's why I am advising everyone who is blessed enough to read this blog to pay attention to every word. Because these words will surely shock a lot of men and may make some women mad. This message is not only for those who are single and dating, but for those who happen to be married. Yes there are some greedy married people out there still searching for someone extra besides their husbands or wives to love. My message is simple, finish what you started, before you date or get involved with someone, then make sure that you are ready to date. The reason why I wrote this last sentence is because a lot of us are still in relationships or marriages but still searching for someone else to love. This is wrong and very dangerous! Why? Because if the person you happen to be married to or in a relationship finds out that you have been cheating, there is no telling what they might do. Also how can you expect the person that you are having affair with to respect or trust you? Don't you know it will always be in the back of their minds that you might cheat on them, just like you did your spouse or mate? That's why I am advising all men or women, not to give up anything when they first start dating. No money, no sex or any other material possession. There is nothing wrong with taking someone out to eat, movies, sending flowers, cards or other items. But when it comes to paying someone else's bills, giving them money or giving up your body for sex or pleasure, please take my advice and don't do it! Which brings me to this months topic, What do I do now? This letter comes from a friend of mine that happens to be in her fifties. She met a man that at first she thought she would have a future with. But as what fate would put it, its better for one to take their time, show a little patience before they jump to any conclusions.

Dear Chuck,
How have you been? I have been reading your blogs and from what I can tell you are just as crazy, outspoken on paper as you are in person.(smile) Anyway the reason for this letter, is because I need some advice. I have been dating my new friend for over 4 months. He is a very nice guy, he gives me money, helps pay some of my bills, but even for me he is kind of old fashion. All he wants to do is drink beer on the porch, watch westerns' and always wants to be up under me, which I can't stand. The reason I am writing you is because I am thinking about breaking up with him because he is just not my type, but I am afraid of hurting his feelings. I made a mistake , then gave him some and I think that he is in love. He has been telling his family and friends that I am the one. He has even filed for divorce, gave me keys to his house and his credit cards. But I don't love him and don't feel him like that, please Chuck tell me what do I do now?
Well Rose,
All I can say to that is its better to tell him the truth now, before the relationship and commitment from him get stronger. Because the longer you wait the deeper hole you will be in and the harder it will be to get out of it. He may be hurt by you telling him the truth, but in the end he will respect you more as a person for being honest. My advice to you and others is the next time you meet someone you happen to be interested in, take things slow. Don't accept gifts such as money, sex or any other thing , unless you know for a fact that you both are compatible and have a real future together. Its better to tell the truth than to play games with a persons heart or emotions.
Good luck too you,


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