Never Sell Yourself Short

One of the must disturbing images to me is seeing a young man or woman with someone who doesn't care or give a dam about them. The question I would like to ask any young male or female, older man or woman is why? Why would you allow someone to use you and why would you let any man or woman take advantage of you? Why would you sell yourself  short, just because you maybe in need of love, money or security? Now I am not taking about those who happen to fall in love with a older men or women, because I happen to know some young ladies and some younger men that prefer dating someone older. I am talking about those men or women that are being taken advantage of everyday, by people who are only with them because they have good jobs, a nice body or lots of money. Maybe because I am a father and that I happen to have two daughters and two young sons of my own is the reason why it  bothers me.  What they don't realize that these men or women are only using them and not only do they risk loosing their dignity, but also their reputation. They should instead seek a man or woman that will love them and treat them like a Kings Or Queens, rather than like an object or trophy. My message to all men or women in general, Never Sell Yourself Short, because in the end you just may be selling your own soul. Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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