Can't Go For That

If you lived long enough then you will realize that sometimes people will try you, test your patience and even your intelligence. Even you happen to leave your home, in a good mood and have the best intentions, there will always be people out there that do something stupid or do something that will get on your nerves.One of the main things my father taught me growing up, was to be able to stand up for myself and to never  no matter what let anyone run over me. He would always say a man, has to be a man and a woman has to be a woman. Never forget that and always respect all people no matter where they come from. Then he would say, "Son sometimes you have to make people respect who you are or what you are about". Always remember that no matter what no one is better than you, they still have to get dressed in the morning, put one leg into their pants or dress just like the rest of us.Then he would say  there are somethings that you can go for and then there are the others that you can't. Bottom line he would say, every man or woman should have a line that nobody should be able to cross.No man or woman , should ever be disrespected or treated unfairly and when that happens that's when you or they should say," I wont be mistreated or sorry I can't go for that.This weekend subject comes from a reader from the Jersey Area, who has been disrespected at his job. His employer and his co-workers treat him so unfairly that they actually call him names.But what none of them realize is that this Harvard Grad is about to embark on an amazing journey and has hugh ambitions. If what he has plan come to fruition, then those people that are so critical or mean to him may in fact be working for him one day.

Hello Chuck,
How are you? I have been reading your blogs and I must admit that I am becoming a big fan. The reason why I enjoy reading them is because you don't hold anything back and you say exactly what's on your mind. The reason why I am writing you is because I am having some trouble on my job. I have been working for the tech company for about five years and when I first got the job, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I graduated from Harvard in the top of my class , have a degree in Micro Physics and Micro biology. So when I got my job at this company, I must admit that I was very proud of myself and so was my family. But over time that changed and the people I worked with started calling me names. You see I am half Asian and black, I kind of have an accent. Every time I go to work, they call me chocolate rice or a Asian mutt. What they don't realize is that just because I come from a diverse family group, that I am smart and don't plan on working here forever. I have big plans, I am writing my own software that may revolutionize the whole internet. One day these same people that criticize my looks or my accent may be working for me one day. But until then I have to do something about the constant verbal abuse.I  don't want to say the wrong thing because, I am afraid of loosing my job. Please Chuck, tell me what can I do or say to get my co-workers and employer off my back.

Hello Harry,
Your problem seems very easy to fix. Every job has rules or regulations and one of them is racial discrimination. Its a federal crime to harass an employee at work and in a intelligent way you should remind them of that fact. Besides that you are right, you are very smart ,very humble and in the end you will be the one on top. But for now tell the people you work for, that you can't go for that. Thank you for becoming a fan and good luck too you.


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