If you did a poll it would be evenly split between men or women when it comes to cheating or infidelity. Most women feel that all men are dogs and also feel the reason why some women cheat is because the men that they happen to be with, has either cheated them first or has mistreated them. Men on the other hand feel that women are really the true dogs  that run behind every man who drives a fancy car, owns a nice home or one that has a large sum of money in his bank account. Most men feel that when a man gives himself totally to one woman, that some women see this as sign of weakness and that's when they get played. Its been said that women hate a weak man, one that's soft or one that gives in to easy. I have heard many women say, that they like a man that's hard and one that won't let them run over him. What a lot of women don't realize is that when it comes to love, that is when most men drop their guards and become soft just to please their woman. Some men change who they were before, mainly because they feel that if they don't give up their old ways that the relationship that they are currently in won't survive. Why? Well its a fact that when a man is single, he will have many interested single female friends, after all in most cities, states or countries women out number men twenty to one. So when a man decides to give all of this up, he has to make a lot of changes, which includes, changing his number, getting rid of on-line profiles, telling the interested women that he is no longer interested or on the market and most importantly changing from being a single bachelor, too a committed man. These changes are not easy, don't happen over night and most men have to make major adjustments to their lives . Which brings me to the topic of the weekend, Scandalous. What you are about to read is a true life story of a committed man that is in love and a Scandalous woman that's only in it to get what she can get or want.
Back in 1986 I lived next door to what appeared to be a very loving couple. The husband worked at a plant and the wife was a stay at home mom. What struck me about this couple was that every morning before the husband went to work, the whole family would walk him to the car, the wife would give him a cup of coffee and then kiss him goodbye. When I would see this every morning, I would say to myself, "What a lucky man, one day when I get married I hope to have such a beautiful relationship with my family and wife. Little did I know that what I was seeing wasn't real at all. Yes, the children were genuine, but the wife was very mischievous or Scandalous. As soon as the children caught the bus for school, another man would be inside the apartment with her, making love or having sex so hard that you could hear them from a block away! This went on for months until one day, her husband got off early for work and that is when the you know what hit the fan! I felt sorry for the man because he was about 5"6, 135 pounds soak in wet and her husband was 6"4, 294 pounds of muscle or steel . I thought to myself that her husband was about to kill him. After it was over I saw her husband on the steps of our apartment, heartbroken and in tears. He looked up and said, Man how could she do this to me? I gave her everything! She said this was her first time cheating on me and I am wondering should I forgive her or let her go. I walked off because I didn't want to get in the middle of that mess and besides that, I knew it wasn't her first, second or even third time. Maybe the first time she got caught I thought to myself and then a second thought came to mind, she lied to her again husband, Scandalous to the end. Write in , then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


Anonymous said…
Are these "interested single female friends" are friends with "benefits"? If you know what I mean. Do men who have these kind of "friends" are at a season in their lives that they are not ready to commit? Are you saying when they are ready to commit they feel like they are giving up "things" to be with this special person is bad? I'm not clear on what you're trying to convey. Also, everyone can detect a "scandalous" person except the person who is with them. Many people are blinded by beauty and sex that they can't see the true person they are with. A scandalous person knows their skills (sex can blind you for a season until you start co-habitating and find that you want more meanful things) and how to get what they want until the day comes when they get "laxed" and know they got their situation under control, them BAM! they are exposed. Everyone's day is coming when you do others wrong and they get where it hurts the worst. - Lynette

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