A Special Night

Since I have been writing my blogs for Q&A with Chuck, many of the letters that I have been getting from my readers or friends have been about relationship problems. But this letter that I received from one of my readers is a little different from the rest, because its not about a problem but a solution. This reader is requesting some advice on planing a special night for her man. He has been in Iraq for over 2 years and is finally coming home for good. Since this reader hasn't seen her husband in over two years, she wants his first night back with her to be very special. As a man it is always nice to know that there are actually women out there that think so much of their men that they would seek some outside advice. I am very honored to be asked and before I answer her I would like my readers to read this very moving letter.

Hi Chuck,
How have you been? I have been reading your blogs I must say that I enjoy reading each and everyone of them. My girlfriends and I always talk about them while we are at work. The reason I am writing you is not because I have a problem with my marriage or relationship, it is because I need some advice on a totally different issue. I love my husband deeply and feel that God has blessed me with a very good man. We have been married for over 7 years and its been great! But one day my husband had to leave me and start serving our country in Iraq. This is his second tour of duty and now he is coming home for good. The reason why I am writing you is because the last time he came home it was awkward, we felt like strangers and I didn't know how to love him. It felt strange holding him in my arms again. This time when he comes home I want to do better and I want it to be different . I want him to know that the woman he left behind still loves him the same as before he left me, please help me plan a special night.

Dawn your husband is a very lucky man and I can see why he loves you so much. My mother used to always say, When you love someone you should be able to shout it out on the roof tops and I can clearly tell that you love your husband. It takes a special woman to seek help or advice when it comes to a marriage. All I can say to you is this, your husband is just as anxious to see you as you are. He will be nervious or scared, because he doesn't want to disapoint you . My advice to you is when he settles in, to take things slow,then prepare a meal that he enjoys, along with some soft music that you both like. Then when the moment is right, give yourself to him completely. Let him know that as you would say, love him just as much as you did before he left you.
Have a special night,


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