Can't Nobody Do You Like Your Kin Folks

In everybody's family, there are different type of characters, some will make you laugh, some will make you smile, while others may make you cry and then some will get just on your nerves or make you mad. Then there are the rare type of family members, that seem to always be in trouble, have issues with their children or spouses and the worse kind are the ones that always come over to your house just to borrow things like money or other material things. But never seem to want to pay you back or return what they borrowed. Some of them feel just because they are family that you owe them something. Even when you try to help a family member out by doing business with them, they still try to take advantage of you. How? By not completing the job or they try to over charge you. Some feel just because they are family that they can get away with it and will look at you crazy when you say something to them about it. My late grandmother would shack her head when one of our family members would try to take advantage of her and say, Can't nobody do you like your kin folks, no baby they can't. Then she would say, Baby see what your blood will do you. (In her Cajun accent) Treat you worse than the people in the world. I would laugh my head off, because my grandmother looked funny when she was mad.
When I grew older I experience first hand how some family members are. Some just because they are family feel that they don't have to pay back they money borrowed or return the things they borrowed from your home in a timely manner. Its sad when you have to go to their house and borrow back the things or ask them for the money they asked you for. But the worse kind of family member are the ones that are always in trouble or the ones that spread rumors or lies. Some of them get themselves locked up and then have the nerve to call you collect from jail. They run up your phone bill, then expect you not only to visit them while they are in jail, but to also provide them with money while they are in there. I remember one of my cousins saying," Chuck, man as soon as I get out I'll pay you back. As you know he didn't pay me back and I really didn't expect him to. Then there are others that are messy, that enjoy spreading rumors or lies. They talk about other family members behind their backs and there are even some that have had affairs with some of their siblings spouses. Some of them even have illegitimate children from their affairs. Why do we put up with family members such as these ? Because they are family, blood and we love them. Some of them may drive you crazy, but you can't help but love them and accept them for who they are. But as my late grandmother would say, you got to love them but" Can't nobody do you like your kin folks". Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.
Happy Holidays,


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