If you ever been in a really bad marriage or relationship, then you know how it feels to be unhappy, miserable, sad or stressed out. The man or woman of your dreams turn out to be, nothing but a living nightmare. It gets to the point that you can't wait for them to leave the house and when you are away from them you hate to come home. Whats strange or sad  is ,when you find out after years of marriage or time spent in a relationship that you wasted valuable time or years with someone you don't love anymore and your spouse that you thought you knew,  you don't have anything in common with. Also that you two aren't meant to be or not that match made in Heaven you thought they were after your wedding day. Later you may have found out that your man or woman is very abusive, on drugs, has a serious drinking habit, loves to gamble or has sex with people other than yourself and even has some criminal ways that you didn't know about. On top of that, your spouse or mate may not enjoy doing things, like going to church, eating out, movies, traveling or may not attend family gatherings or functions with you because they happen to be not very social. If you have been through this or happen to have someone like this in your life, believe me I completely understand! I know how it feels to be frustrated, unhappy, trapped, sexless and also know what's it like when someone really, has had Enough!

  Even though I am a strong advocate for marriage I feel that its totally unacceptable to stay any marriage or relationship just for the sake of the children. Time is something that none of us have for long and the longer one spends in a wasted marriage or relationship is the more bitter or unhappy they will become. After time you or your spouse may start cheating, followed by becoming abusive and loosing concentration while raising the children or while doing ones job. Staying in these types of marriages or relationships can cause some serious harm to their mental or physical health and can even cause some to loose their jobs. For those who choose to stay in these type of relationships, I have a warning, stay at your own risk! You are not only risking your own health or life but also effecting the lives of your children. Why? Because even children these days, are smart enough to know when there is a problem with their mother, father or some man or woman that they don't care for! Sometimes a parents unhappiness, stress or misery rubs off on the children and what their parents are feeling many times rubs off on them.

 I and the staff at Q&A With Chuck, highly recommend that you leave or find a way to get out of this very dangerous situation as soon as possible! No financial, material, lust or even for the children, should outweigh a persons health, life, sanity or happiness. For those who would may argue that these things, are enough to stay in a relationship or marriage. I would say to them, that children adjust, life is precious and we all live only once. Most people who have live long happy lives, have less stress in them and most of them always live their lives to the fullest. There should be a time in every man or woman's life, where a line should be drawn. Everyone must choose to be happy or unhappy and the choice is only theirs to make. I always have drawn my line to my happiness, my mental or physical health and well being. I wouldn't never stay at any job or be in any type of relationship,  if I wasn't happy! Why? Because my time is precious! The old saying is the longer you stay in a bad relationship, marriage or stressful job the harder it will be for you to let go. The question is, where do you draw your line? When is Enough really Enough or when will you finally have had Enough courage, guts, will or desire to finally let go? Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Have a blessed day,


Brenda Lacy said…
I agree with every word that I have read, I feel if a man or women really love one another there should be no room for violence. My line is drawn and I refuse to be another victim of violence.

Charles Holmes said…
I agree with you Brenda and I understand ,really I do. The reason why I am divorced to this day, is not because my wife cheated on me, but because she became violent. At first it started with threats, then latter she started to hit me and after that she almost hit me with her car. Even though she couldn't hurt me physically, I knew if I stayed in the relationship that she would find a way to harm me. I am the type of man that will never put his hands on a woman, because I happen to have daughters and granddaughters, I would want a man to put his hands on them. When the thought of hurting someone or doing violence comes up then the relationship or marriage is in a sense is over. Why because love is no longer present and only hate resides. Good luck to you Brenda or any other man or woman that becomes a victim of this crime.

Anonymous said…
Hey Chuck,

Interesting topic, I don't respect men that put their hands on women and to me they are cowards. What I have grown to learn that most men that abuse women feel justified and some how blame women for their actions. Many men would suck their women back in, by saying they are sorry or they may make excesses by saying it wasn't their fault. In many cases some men ask for forgiveness only to abuse their women again. That is why I advise my sisters or friends to always be careful while dating strange men, because no one knows the heart of the man they are dealing with other than God. For some men or women abuse is enough for them to leave and others cheating. For me when a woman steals from me, that for me is hard to forgive and that is when I say enough. Thanks Chuck for the very interesting topic, I feel more men or women really need to read about this subject.


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