The Size Of Love

Are you one of those people who believe that they have to have a certain type of man or woman with the perfect height, weight, color or race to make or keep them happy? Do you believe if you found this man or woman, that they would be perfectly suited for you? Or do you believe just because this man or woman that happens to fit you requirements that love is destine to follow? If you happen to answer, Yes to any of those question, research finds, that is the main reason why you haven't found true love or  a good spouse or mate.Why? Because of Your Extreme Expectations! I know if you happen to be reading this you may wonder why is the last three words in bold printing? The answer to that question is simple, because its a known fact when it comes to love, many times the people that are looking or searching for love are their own worse enemies or they happen to get into their own way.

 When I done my research , I have found that when it comes to love, what we see or what we are attracted to doesn't guarantee true love.As a matter of fact its the direct opposite and I think that is why there are so many single beautiful women or handsome men in the world today. Mainly because some men or women feel just because they are attractive, have a fabulous, muscular figure or very successful that it guarantees true love.What they don't realize is that its not outer beauty that people should fall in love with, but a pure heart which is hard to find. Does love come is a shape, a size or color? No it doesn't, but one opens up their heart, then allow their minds to learn while leaving the past behind. Then in time they will find the only size they should be concern with when it comes to love is the size of a man or woman's heart. Like my late grandmother would always say, true beauty or true love only comes from inside and what looks good on the outside in time will fade away. Love requires no words to be spoken, only action from the heart between two loving souls that are willing to spend their lives together for long periods or time or forever. The Size Of Love. Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


Brenda said…
Great Job!!!!

Love the Title!!
Anonymous said…
If people wouldn't be concerned about others comments concerning their choices in life, many people would be so much happier. Society places a stigma on how you look, the job you have, car you drive and even the person you chose as a mate. People put you in categories of who you should be with. I have witnessed people making comments about someone's mate - why he/she with him/her if they don't have the right look or status in society. When you confirm to society's idea of happiness you end up unhappy and unfulfilled. It's already hard enough to siff through a person's actions and character to see if they are real and have your best interest at heart while also having to deal with if a person is seeking to piggyback on your success and earthly possessions. Give me happiness with a down to earth, loving, caring and God fearing man who knows how to communicate in every sense of the word. I'll be a blessed woman. - Lynette
Anonymous said…
The size of love is unmeasurable

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