Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

When I was younger, I used always hear that age was nothing but a number and at that time I really didn't understand what that saying meant. Growing up as a child, when I would see people that were in their twenties, thirties, forties or even fifties , I would think to myself that those people were old as dirt! As children we all thought about, the said crazy things and felt that we were invincible. I remember  as a child saying this out loud one day to one of my uncles and then he would say, "Son just live, then one day you will be old as I am". I would laugh my head off then say, "Uncle you are way to old", when he tried to play basketball with us or when he attempted to try too beat us in a race. Its seems funny now but as old as my uncle was he still beat the pants off of us. Now that I am older I always wondered how he was able to keep up with us or how he always beat us all the time, when we tried to out run him. Like he always said then , "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number" nephew! Which brings me to the topic of the weekend, Age Ain't Nothing But A Number. These days you will find older men dating younger women or older women dating younger men. Some would call them dirty old men or cougars. The question I have been asked , is should someone older date or marry someone younger or should a younger man or woman date or marry an older person? This question comes from a young lady who happen to have had a crush on an older man when she was a teen. When all of her girlfriends were dating boys their age, she was always infatuated with older men. She first notice this person when he and her older brother would play basketball together on the weekends. Now that  she is older or a grown woman , she feel likes she is ready to show her real feelings, to this older man.

Hello Chuck,
How have you been? My girlfriends and I have been reading your blogs and we think that they are the bomb! Anyway, the reason why I am writing you is because I need some advice. When I was a teenager I had a crush on one of my brothers friends. This guy used to always come over to our house on the weekends and play basketball with my brothers. At that time he had the cutest smile,very sexy bowlegs and beautiful brown bedroom eyes . I think that I have been in love with him from the first time that I saw him. When he would come over I would get my older sister to make me up real pretty so that I could some how get his attention, but he always looked at me like a little girl or as my big brothers little sister. After sometime he moved away and went to college . I also grew up as you should know went to college , got married and now divorced. One day I bumped into him in  at the local mall and he is still that same sexy man with that beautiful smile that I fell in love with. I always thought my feelings were some type of school girls cruse or infatuation, but after I saw him again I know that my feeling are for real. I need some advice Chuck, please tell me what I can do to make this man know that I am not a little girl anymore and that I am very capable of showing him real love.
Vanessa M.

Hello Vanessa,
What an interesting letter! I have mixed feelings about what you are trying to do. On one hand I think you should express to him what you are feeling, because if you don't then you may have unresolved issues or feelings. But on the other hand you must prepare yourself for rejection, because as old as you may become, he still may look at you as his friend little sister or a little girl that had a cruse on him in his past. I will leave it to my female readers to give you other advice. Until then search your heart and allow your mind to lead they way. After all some may say that, Age Ain't Nothing But A Number!
Good luck too you,


Deedy said…
Hi Vanessa, sometimes we see things as though we are looking through a glass mirror. I said that to say this, if your interested in someone, are you going to keep the thoughts and feelings to yourself and just wonder, what could have been, or what maybe? How do you know if he does not find you attractive, or maybe interested in you. One thing I have always know about boys, young men, and finally men, sometimes they just don't cross that line to flirt with thei best friend sister. It's a guy thing, and just maybe your brother may have expressed that thought and feelings to his friend. One thing for sure your brother knows him much better then you do, and sometimes a brother will let his friends know, my sister is off limits. My advice to you is the next time you see him, express yourself to him, ubt just as Chuck mentioned you have to be ready for rejection. Don't count yourself out until you ran the course of the game. I wish you the best of luck, Vanessa I will keep you in my prayers that everything works out in your best interest.

Be Bless


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