At The Movies With Q&A with Chuck

Last weekend I took the opportunity to view a few movies, one at the local movie theater , others ones through a vending machine call Red Box. What I love about Red Box, is that you can rent movies for as little as $1.00 per night, with exception of Blue-rays which the rental fee is about $1.50, at any case a great bargain. This week I went too see Expendables 2, then I rented 3 movies from Red Box , Man on a Ledge, Sherlock Holmes( A Game of shadows) and the Raid( Redemption). As you notice all of the movies were action movies and each one were at one time or is now showing at the movie theater.
The one I viewed at the movie theater Expendables 2, featuring Sylvester Stallone, had all of my childhood action stars staring in it . If you don't like blood, violence, action or gore then this movie isn't for you. But if you like none stop action, from beginning to end, then I highly recommend it. There is more killing, fighting and action in this one film to fill three other action flicks. It will have you saying , Wow! Whoa and other words that I am not allowed to say, just by the shear shock of the things happening in the movie. My rating for this movie get a 8 out of 10 and I must admit I was very surprised that the acting was pretty good. Will this movie get any Oscars nods? No, but if you look action then you owe it too yourself to see this movie. The other three movies, I saw were average with the exception of The Raid. Now this movie was excellent, with only one hang up , it was close caption because this was in Japanese, other than that it was a great action movie. If you happen to be off on this holiday, I highly recommend these four movies. Until then have a great holiday.


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