For A Lifetime

Since I have been writing for Q & A With Chuck , I have come across many interesting people with various topics and stories to write about. Today's topic is weddings. What someone made me realize today, is that when most of us plan our weddings, we often take years or months to plan something that may only last for a couple of hours, minutes or months, when a marriage is suppose to last For A Lifetime. After thinking about this all I could do is laugh, not at the thought of marriage, but of the cost of it and the time needed to make this one special  event or moment happen. Imagine this if everyone used that same time or effort to plan their lives together instead of their weddings, how successful their marriages would be. What if the bride or the groom used this time to study their spouse and find ways to improve their marriage so that it may last For A Lifetime? Instead of celebrating one special moment, they could instead celebrate several years or anniversaries together that should last For A Lifetime.

They could still include their family members or friends in this process just as they would their wedding. How? By asking their family members or friends with successful marriages for advice or ideals to make their own marriage a success. My thoughts are that many of us forget how important a marriage really is and most of our focus is not on the marriage itself, but on the show. Yes, ladies I know that weddings are very important to you and I also know that you want to look beautiful, great or awesome on your wedding day. I also know that you want this day to be perfect or a day that you will remember for a lifetime. Showing off that perfect wedding dress, photos and a beautiful ring. But what good is this day or these things, if your marriage only last for a couple of days, months or years, when you took longer to plan this very special day? Shouldn't your focus instead, be on keeping your spouse happy or making your future marriage last for a lifetime?My advice to anyone who is blessed enough to read this is to invest more time in their relationship and learn how to be happy together as a couple, so that their marriage will last, For A Lifetime. Write in and express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


Deedy said…
I totally agree the special moment should not be about the wedding celebration, it definitely should be able the lifetime commitment each party is willing to work toward making every moment special. Its funny just as you mentioned, the time and commitment the bride and groom put into planning the wedding. In reality all the committed time that is put into the planning, couples should make an honest effort to put that same entergy into their marriage. For instance, when problems tend to rise into the marriage, how much time is each party willing to commit to staying married, working out their problems, or even findings ways to make things special just as it was before the marriage. In today's society the problem I find in many marriages, instead of working things out everybody wants to jump overboard, run and hide, take the easy way out. Commitment is a work of art, whatever you want that masterpiece of art to be, you have to be willing and committed to beautifying that peice of art. Yes, it takes skill, imagination, creativity, but most of all it takes dedication to perfecting your art. Neither a man nor a woman wants an artificial masterpiece of art, they want something that is worth a lifetime of keeping. Have a bless day!!


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