I Can't Make You Love Me

If you happen to be single, divorced or separated, have you ever asked yourself this question, Where are all the good men or women and why did I get involved with Mister or Misses Wrong? Why do some men or women only love the type of people that miss treated them or cheat on them? Why are good men or good women always the ones who get mistreated, used, abused and in the end left alone? Or if you were bless or lucky enough to have the man or woman of your dreams, then why in the hell did you let them go? As you may know these days it very hard to find a good man or woman and true love is very hard to find. That is why there are so many Internet website promoting or guaranteeing that if you use them you will find true love. Why do men or women use the Internet to find love? Because deep inside of each of us is that desire to belong to someone or have someone too love for a lifetime. The truth is that finding someone that's compatible or finding someone to love you for you isn't easy. I have asked myself these questions many times, How many bad or rotten apples do I have to go through before I find a good one or how many internet profiles must I go through in order to find the right one?

 This reminds me of something my late grandmother would always say, Sometimes you have to go through the bad, before God blesses you with someone good. After all you can't make someone love you and it doesn't matter how much money you have or how successful you may become, true love is very hard to find. For those who may think because they are a good man or woman, have good looks, have a great job, a good education or  feel that they are God's gift to men or women. News flash! Even you can be cheated on, can be used or abused and money can't buy you love. Even if you are currently dating someone right now or married, it doesn't guarantee that they will love you, not cheat on you or that they will be with you for a lifetime. Why? Because even though some men or women happen to have good man or woman in their lives, most of them are never satisfied. Most people these days, are always looking for something better or the next big thing. That is why there are so many men or women cheating on their spouses, because they are unsatisfied with their mates. What they fail to realize is that what they are searching for is already within their mist. Why would I say this? Because the person they are with, already loves them for who they are, they know their spouses habits, their faults and despite it all they still  put up with them. I used to be one of those people who believe that if you were good to someone, treated them with respect and showed that you really love them, that they would love you back. Boy, was I wrong!You can treat someone like a King or Queen, give them your heart, everything you have including your world and they still won't be happy or love you. As you know ,you can't make someone love you or want you, can you?After all, I Can't Make You Love Me. Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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